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Je déplace mon post ici car pas de réponse - the game lags and crashes

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the game lags and crashes
Since the last updates, I've had some very strange things happen with the game.
1) I can't connect to the forum, so I had to create a new account. At first Blyzzard was my username, now it's the one you see... So I lost everything...great... 😞
2) In game it's a festival. Impossible to connect, I uninstalled then reinstalled the game 3 times and cleaned the computer thinking it was a virus but only City of heroes was affected so it's not a virus.
Then I managed to log in, but not everywhere...hey yes... If the chosen character is in the Atlas park map, the game crashes and returns to the login screen.
If the character is in any other map, it works BUT as soon as I try to go to Atlas park, whether by subway, Steel Canyon or any other way, the game crashes and returns to the login screen.
But watch out!!! If I enter the game with a hero or villain character somewhere other than Atlas Park (obviously), the game crashes and crashes, so I put it in reduced quality and it works with lag...
If you have a solution, I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you very much.
And it's not the PC's fault, because EVERYTHING works fine except COX.

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What is your computer build?


What is your OS?


What are you using to log in? Tequila or the HC Launcher?

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