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My Fire/Sonic/Ice -Resistance Build


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I went all out with -Resistance debuffs with this one. The strategy is to get into melee for Hot Feet and Disrupting Aura but use the ranged attacks Shriek, Scream, Shout for more -Res.


Total -Res

Shriek: 7.5%

Scream: 7.5%

Shout: 7.5%

Disruption Aura: 15%

Sleet: 30%


Possible Total: 67.5%



Fury of the Gladiator: 20%

Achilles' Heel: 20%

Annihilation: 12.5


Grand possible total of 120% Damage Resistance debuff.


For those new to the game resistance debuffs are great because they increase your maximum damage, not your base damage.


Let's say your Shriek does 50 dmg. You enhance it by 100%. It now does 100 damage. Damage resistance debuffs don't increase base damage. They increase total damage. So if you debuff them 100% your attack will go from 100 damage to 200. Additionally, this applies to all attacks against that enemy from your team mates as well. AND it increases the damage of Procs too.


The biggest negative to this build is running Disruption Aura and Hot Feet together is going to slaughter your Endurance until you have Cardiac Core and Perma Domination. It's a long road but you'll end up with a ridiculous monster.

/Sonic/Ice also pairs incredibly with Ice Control and Plant Control and pairs fairly well with Electric Control and Earth Control.

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