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  1. Earthquake does a decent -Accuracy debuff which you could slot for as well as recharge. It also does -Defence to enemies which means it can take the Achilles Heel -Damage Resistance proc which is VERY nice.
  2. I'd say use the Beam Rifle set but make an alternate animation set where the beam comes out the eyes. The themes and expectations of an eye beam set sync up enough with Beam Rifle that I think the two sets wouldn't need to be separate. It would be the "easiest" path to having eye lasers?
  3. I know that they don't stack per caster. I don't know if pets are considered different casters from you.
  4. If I were to put this proc on my mastermind pets would it stack per pet?
  5. I know you said you don't want to play ice themed but my time as an ice corruptor was amazing. Blizzard calculates scourge per tick.
  6. Dark/Energy/Soul Energy has Power Boost which will enhance the -hit of your dark blast powers as well as the self heal. Boost Range vastly increases the range of all your cones (and you'll have many) making them affect whole groups of enemies from a long range. Two of your cones are immobilizers so it really good at KEEPING enemies as range. As an added benefit Negative Energy is rarely resisted. The ONLY downside is that Dark's nuke is PBAOE so you'll have to stop your chain of cones to move into melee and use it. Which I, personally, find annoying and I tend to only use it as an emergency b
  7. They'd be fools to tell you not to roll one. Archery, despite being all lethal damage, has super fast animations allowing you to leverage procs better than most anyone else. It also has a nuke that is up each fight. Tactical Arrow MIGHT be the best secondary if you intend to stay are range with its biggest competitor being Plant. Well here's what I would go with, personally. I try to squeeze as much ranged defense into my builds as I can without sacrificing damage. Since I pretty much only play on teams and defense buffs are really common. So that last 9% to soft cap is going to be
  8. So this is a blaster I've been running with and I've had a TON of fun with it. Since all its AOEs, of which it has 4 allowing for almost a non-stop AOE only attack chain, are cones I focused on range for both defense and to expand the number of enemies caught in said cones. I figured Energy would be the best secondary since -accuracy dark blast has is enhanced by Power Boost and the range of the cones is enhanced by Boost Range. I've found Carnival of Shadows to be the only real threat in the late game common enemies since the bosses will intangible long enough that the -acc debuffs wear off a
  9. I wouldn't want replicas of existing enemy groups as pets. They'd have to be significantly nerfed from the real ones. Which would stick out like a sore thumb any time you fought the real ones. I know asking this group to make whole new models for a new pet set is a bit much though. *shrug*
  10. I think it would be a neat mechanic if Sentinels had a Leadership type of aura that activated and it worked like the Peace Bringer's where it changed based on team make up. The support ATs you have the more of a damage/accuracy/recharge buff it gives. The more damage dealers you have the more def/res/regeneration it gives. Sort of like an equalizer for lop sided teams. As suggested, have it be like the Dominator bar that fills up and click activates.
  11. I've noticed a lot in late game that Incarnate abilities make normal missions trivial. I don't know if I've just been getting super lucky with my teams all the time. But everything gets curb stomped even with minimal team support. Now, I know expanded options can be a problem for early and mid level teams. Particularly with new players that don't know what they're doing and pusher leaders who crank the diff to max regardless of team make up. So perhaps lock these options until the leader has their first Incarnate Slot unlocked? Options like +5 or +6 mobs. Mo
  12. Thanks for the info! I'll do that. Yeah the end modifies how much endurance recovery that power gives. Mids just doesn't count it for some reason.
  13. So, last time I checked, Tanks were getting a bump their their AOEs. Which is gonna make Frozen Aura and Ice Patch 20 foot aoes and Frost a 180 degree cone. If this still holds true Ice Melee is gonna benefit a lot from the Tank rework. So, in preparation, I started an Rad/Ice tank. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1460&c=701&a=1402&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594CB4F135114C6EF74A6054A81F22C943E68014B4107AA6E7C85A8A04169422CC6653329179C583BA42D89C69589F1151F88BA736D6234AE8C1AE3C6A50B57263E176EDD8826FE01F5F49E8F623293B6BFB967BE73EEF9EEDCDBEC8599C0F3E397A78516385AB42A95FCA2553A
  14. The 50% Critical proc in this set. Does that apply to the power it is put on giving it a 50% crit rate or does it buff you so your NEXT attack has a 50% critical chance? And if it buffs you is that buff more likely to go off if you put it into an AOE and hit multiple enemies with it?
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