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Can I get some advice on how to properly slot /Time


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Can anyone give me some tips on how to properly slot the /

Time secondary for blasters. Thanks.


I generally went with the hold, the toggle at 20, Future Pain(it's okay and nice melee burst dmg), the BU ofc, and Time lord. I slotted the hold 4-slots, then FP 5 slots, TL 5(I think), BU at 5 as well. The +recovery toggle I put at 4 or 5 I think because I had slots to spare. It's not a terribly difficult secondary to slot, but now I'm looking into an Arch/Tactical Arrow build

-Stick to need to know info only on the forums(how-to's, inf making guides, maybe a generalist run down of your chosen AT)

-Interact in at least a neutral manner. You don't have to like the folks here, but avoid being personal

-Try and focus your time in-game. In-game folks are generally better to deal with and get real-time answers from than forums.



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