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Personality Tool to help discover your character.


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I normally try to do something like this for all of the MMO's I play and decided to post the layout that I use. Generally speaking, you read the question and select an answer, Red, Yellow, or Green. However, that is just the guideline, feel free to do whatever you want! Real quick, if anyone thinks of a good question/scenario to add, please post so I can add it in! Without further ado:

Need help trying to figure out what kind of flare you want your character to have?


How easily would your character get angry from a playful but annoying poke to the forehead?
  Non-Violent, Non-Violent... I am a stoic pedestal of peace.
  Quit it, if you want to keep that finger!
  *SLICE!* I'll give this finger back when I see fit.. your lucky to be alive.


How much value does your character put into "placing the mission above all else"?
  We must complete the mission, but that doesn't mean we have to follow the guide lines. Safety of me and my friends/family/crew first.
  The mission must get done. The ends justifies the means.
  I'll go along with this mission as long as it benefits me. Once it stops, I'm out.


How social is your character? Does he/she feel comfortable around a whole lot of people, or as little people as possible?
  Social butterfly! Can't you see my wings?
  I'm quite outgoing around my friends, but shy around strangers.
  I'm an introvert. I am possibly really shy or just can't stand being around these "people"


How flirty is your character in a relaxed, public situation?(Tavern)
  I'm like a delicious milkshake. I'm sweet, lay it on thick and most people love me... or are lactose intolerant
  I can use my words and body language like fox.. but only to the one(s) I can connect with.
  Flirting? There is no use for that. Either you gimme what you got, or don't waste my time!


Is he/she a wise-cracker? Seem to crack jokes at all times... even when the situation doesn't really call for it?
  *Shoots robot's head off during a gigantic invasion* "Don't lose your head... too late."
  *During a non-combat situation, after looking at an enemy tied to a chair* "I wish I could let you go, but it looks like your all tied up."
  Everyone STFU! Focus, or I'll find someone who can!


Is your character lighthearted?
  Bounce around, always showing a smile!
  I play a fool to hide a warriors pain. I am not always happy, but it doesn't do anyone any good to go moping around.
  Grow up, act your age. Life's a bitch, learn this and save me from your idiocy!


At the first sign of trouble; How likely is your character to flee from the annoyance of trouble that isn't of his/her own? Maybe step in to resolve the nuisance before it becomes a problem?
  Stick around and try to help whoever I want. Be it the good guy or the bad guy.
  Don't get involved, but stick around and watch. This is interesting!
  I gotta walk away before I end up handling all of these knuckleheads myself!


A friend you are getting to know tells your character a personal story that he claims to be funny. By the time he is done, you realize it was not funny at all. Would your character give him a sympathy laugh?
  Yes, I wouldn't want him to feel bad.
  Maybe a chuckle, then I'd look to change the subject.
  No, that story was boring and I will not "lie" to a friend.


You are walking with a new acquaintance you just met. Suddenly, a very lost-looking woman steps up to you and starts asking for directions. Upon talking to her you realize that she is trying to distract you while the rest of her gang sneaks up to rob you and your new friend. What would your character do?
  Alert my new friend we have company and try to get out of there together. *cracks knuckles*
  Sneak off on my own and then yell to my new friend from a safe distance "LOOK OUT!"
  PSH! Please, I wouldn't have even let that stupid woman finish talking. My newly met friend can stick around if he/she wants... not me.

It appears you and an enemy (Hero/Villain, whatever!) are having a disagreement which is on the brink of turning violent when suddenly, a group of pirates pop out of no where and surround the both of you. As you analyze the situation, your character begins to think and might say:
"Looks like our differences have to wait. The enemy of my enemy is.... someone I wont kill just yet..."
"We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for some pirates.. but stay tuned, after I beat them down, YOU'RE NEXT!"
"PIRATES! Fantastic. Kill this scum and I'll pay you. with the same currency.. violence."

In a tavern, you overhear someone loudly telling racist jokes about the enemy faction (Hero/Villain or whatever!). You're character may be thinking:
To approach this person and inform him that racism is not something to joke about, even if it is of the enemy.
To just ignore this person, or listen in. Some of this still is kind of funny. Besides, the enemy deserves it.
To join in, you got some zingers yourself!

While watching a movie amongst other patrons, you and everyone else can't help but overhear someone who is painfully dramatic about everything portrayed in the movie. The annoying person laughs obnoxiously loudly during comedy scenes, dramatically sighs and speaks some form of goofy poetry during the dramatic scenes and despairs overtly during the sad scenes. Your character:
Just ignores him. It is obvious this person feels things on a whole, deeper emotional level than anyone else. That isn't something that should be reprimanded.
Yell at him to shut up or get out. This person is ruining the movie for everyone else!
Hasn't already done something about this because he/she is trying to decide which would be better, duck taping the annoying person's mouth and maybe whole head... or putting him in a choke hold until he blacks out.

You're stranded on a desert island with a buddy who can't leave the makeshift camp due to an injury. You go foraging for food and find some. What do you do?
Take back as much as you can carry to share with your buddy
Eat your fill and return with whatever is left over for my buddy
I finds it, I keeps it! Good luck, bud!


This concludes the tool. Post your results with your character's name. Also, if you think there should be a question in here that already isn't, please let me know and I will throw it up there!

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