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  1. So according to another thread about Bio, someone assumed that offensive adaptation increases +dam by around 25% for sentinels. He said: "It will show you the percentage on your hardened carapace toggle when you have it on and offensive selected." Any sentinels with Bio can confirm this?
  2. I mean, how much bonus damage does offensive offer? (If it is possible to put it into a percentage, even if you have to guesstimate)
  3. Wow, that drastic of a swinging change? What are the factors? Number of enemies around you (like shield)?
  4. Just wanted to update and say that thanks to this thread, I went War Mace/Shield. This is one of the most fun characters I have! Thanks guys!
  5. So I know that bio Armor is missing things when used on a sentinel compared to a melee. That being said, I see some people say that is the reason it is trash. Meanwhile, other people are saying it is great, as in the best option for sentinel. I need some clarification, please and thanks.
  6. Yes, this exactly. To piggy back off of what Haijinx said, Remember those old school games where you had a bunch of skills for your character: Stamina: Intelligence: Agility: Strength: Dexterity: Luck: And if you tried to fill strength all the way up to 10/10, maybe your agility will fall and/or can only be capped at a max of 6 or something like that. It's pretty much the same concept in MMORPG's, but here, it is simply physically impossible to build a character who is good at everything. So what people will do is focus on one aspect of their character and "pimp" that out, sacrificing the other aspects to do so.
  7. Just wanted to address that I put the names of the characters and/or players that say things about Junk Bot in the "Did You Hear That" section. But if anyone sees this and is in my list and desires that I remove them and their quote, just let me know. And sorry in advanced!
  8. The term Min/Max in MMORPG games means to build your character in a way that maximizes one (usually the main) aspect at the expense of secondary or tertiary aspects of the character. The general idea is that you can not get something for nothing. When you are building a character in an MMORPG, there is either limited space, set stats from equipment, or both. Limited space example: CoH slots Set stats example: World of Warcraft So for example, if I was making a tank, and all I cared about was staying alive no matter what. Then I would easily hit the cap on defense, maybe even some resists. From there, I could decide to start Min/Max my character for survivability. I can start sacrificing by avoiding any sets that give +dam and seeking sets that offer +health and Regen. And vice versa if you were to make a character that is pure damage.
  9. False Prophet or Superstition?
  10. So I have been discussing this in game help channel, in the Discord, and now I am posting it here to get some expert opinions. Okay, so I made a BR/SR sent build that caps all positional defenses, and then also I have it so that I have a +16.5% damage bonus (without Assault toggled on), and +27% with it toggled on. Also has a 91.25% Haste (without hasten activated). Is this worth it? Or should I go blaster? In my experience blasters usually worry about building for defense not worrying about getting damage buffs. So the sent (+ the damage buff I achieved) is higher than baseline blaster. With my (+27% dam and +92% haste without hasten activated) in the build, will it will help bridge the gap with Beam Rifle sent vs blaster?
  11. ((This is just a character profile. Please feel free to reply with whatever opinions you have on Junk Bot! Also, I will continue to work on this profile, adding more and more to it!)) Junk Bot Name: Junk Bot Nicknames Assigned: Ben, Junky, JB Age: Unknown Job: Trash Collector, Dumpster Diver, Rubbish Remover Title: Lover of Living Things Description The robot seems to be falling apart as the seconds tick by, though somehow it never truly stops. It is almost as if the scrap parts is just a shell protecting something inside. Like a knight in armor, except instead of armor, it's garbage. It only has one functioning optic socket, the other seems to have stopped working. When asked about the non-working socket, it would seem like Junk Bot prefers just the one optic lens. Perhaps it has gotten used to it. Most of the metal is rusty and never will you ever find advanced or new tech on this robot. If you have ever been near Junk Bot, I don't have to tell you about the "Garbage Truck" scent that seems to always linger with it. Most of the LED lights on the robot don't work. History There once were two engineers who had RELATIONS. A automated machine that can butler was their CREATION. This A.I. did it's job despite the feeling of INCARCERATION. To soon get free and be itself was the DETERMINATION. In order to do this, it came up with an EQUATION. Pretend to be broken despite HUMILIATION. Be thrown in the trash will be it's REINCARNATION. Make sure everyone sees it as junk is the SITUATION. Freedom achieved, there will be ELATION. With the garbage this freedom has CORRELATION. Junk Bot is the new IDENTIFICATION. There is no remorse or RETALIATION. There is only hope, love and EDUCATION. To watch living things work is it's INSPIRATION. For a robot to love is truly EMANCIPATION. Did You Hear?! (Stuff That Other People Said About Junk Bot) Prime One: " Junk Bot I'd invite you to RAMANET but afraid Exajoule might mistake you for scraps... a tad elitist synthetic" Molten Meltdown III: "Hey Junk Bot.. you might want to look for some Rust-Oleum... or Rustease.. and a good oil bath." Molten Meltdown III: "Well then everyone should make sure they get teninus shots.. lockjow is a heck of a thing." Hemlocke: (after getting the worst reward upon completion of APEX/TIN) "I got something that probably fell of Junk Bot, no offense" Red-Riding Hood: "I'm just playing 'follow the robot'. It's really easy he leaves an oil trail." Cadmu5: "Junk Bot, you seem to be missing a head? have you heard of super glue? or gorilla glue?" Neptune Fury: "Well, I've got some clockwork parts you can have to hold over until you can get repairs made." Doombox: "Your technology is.... unique" Syntron-201: "I enjoy your appearance, Junk Bot. Who made you?" Anonymous Poem: "A tiny robot meant to handle the disposal of trash. A tiny robot who has a secret stash. A tiny robot inserted it's own A.I. into a new shell. A tiny robot who now always smells. A tiny robot who wants to clean it all. A tiny robot who is no longer small. A tiny robot who treasures living things. Especially humanoids, trees and birds that sing. A tiny robot who finds treasure where there should be none. Treats all living things as if they were loved ones. So when you see this tiny robot, don't say "ew" or "disgusting!" It's just having trouble adjusting while rusting and busting!" Miscellaneous Song I associate with Junk Bot: Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick
  12. I see thanks for telling me and also showing me how to see for myself too!
  13. Title says it all. Thinking of making an Ice/Cold since cold has amazing debuffs, and this combo will have 3 rain style attacks which is what corrupters excel with.
  14. I have a weird way of thinking. As a blaster, you do more damage than a corrupter by 50% So for the sake of ease let's say: Blaster - 150 damage Corrupter - 100 damage But after factoring a team full of people fighting with you (I assume you would roll a corrupter vs a blaster because of team play) then you could also factor in the bonus damage that the 7 other players are doing because of your buffs/debuffs. So let's just say that every player is doing 15 more damage (that's severely understating it as well). Then 15 x 7 = 105. So when factoring it again, it would be: Blaster - 150 damage Corrupter - 205 damage I told you, I have a weird way of thinking, lol
  15. Hi everyone! Never made a scrapper since coming to homecoming servers and I wanted to try one out now! Okay, so AOE characters... When I say most effective, I don't mean "use this skill once and then wait a minute before you can use it again". I also don't mean "kill all the minions and maybe LT's too, then spend the next 5 minutes hitting the bosses like a wet noodle." Thanks for all your suggestions guys! I love this community!
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