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Build help for AR/FF


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Hello all. Would like help constructing a build that focuses on survivability, and yet takes advantage of set bonuses/procs. I’ve had trouble with Mids but I would be taking Burst, Slug, Buckshot, M30, Flamethrower, Full Auto from AR. I don’t like ignite, I would consider the snipe but i don’t think id use it much. I personally like beanbag but the damage/DPA seems too low to take it right now. 


Let’s assume influence isn’t an issue.


For FF i would only take the (3) shields and the T9 power. Probably 3-4 slot those with 3x Shield Wall, while the 4th is LotG +recharge. I’m new to corruptors and AR, but i do like the AR set. Its not the “best”, i don’t care. Thank you all in advance for your help. 

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Force Field:


FF is very strong for group defense, but also your own defense. Dispersion Bubble is a huge chunk of your def, consider fully slotting it for def and -end - something like full Reactive Defenses is nice. Slotted this way, it is 11.8 def across the board.


Depending on your other power picks, still consider Personal FF as a LotG mule if you need it. Force Bomb is actually a very nice aoe when procced with -res as a bonus, is roughly equivalent to M30 but doesn't need a KB-KD slot, and can take a Forcefeedback +rech proc. If you need more slots elsewhere, consider dropping slots from the 2 group buffs. It's personal preference, but gives you more slot economy. Finally, Soul Mastery is nice for a FF Corruptor. You get +dmg in Soul Drain, a res shield, and Power Boosted shields - potentially making up for a slotting deficit in the group shields.




I don't have any experience with AR. From diving into it, it looks like a theme you have here is the opportunity for Forcefeedback +rech procs everywhere. You'll probably also need some KB-KD if that's your preference. A perma Hasten build could be worth it. Corruptor's have an advantage here with Malice of the Corrupter full slotted 10% rech, and Scouring Blast set split in 2 for an easy 20% rech.


I'm confused as to why you wouldn't take the snipe? In combat snipes become instant cast and are typically a high dpa part of a ranged attack chain.


Looking over your highest dpa single target attacks in mids for AR, you have: Snipe>Ignite>Slug>Beanbag=Burst


I don't know how Ignite's damage is calculated in mids. If it is just considering the single target, it is a high dpa single target attack. If it is including the puddle dmg, it does less dmg then indicated. I'm going to advocate for picking Ignite, though. The dot lasts 5.25 secs and it creates a small puddle. The big benefit of Scourge for Corruptor's comes from persistent dmg effects like Rains and Dots. Your personal preference, though - and I don't know how it actually performs.


Between Beanbag and Burst, the dpa is the same and it depends on if you want the mag 3 stun or the -def. The mag 3 stun may add more survivability. I wouldn't proc either, though. Just go with a straight dmg set. Beanbag can only take like 2 procs, and Burst can take more but with a 4 sec rech it isn't worth it.


Someone else may have more insight into what AR can do.

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I don't really play Corrs nor FF, but AR, AR I have insight into

AR is in a really strong place right now, actually, as per Ston's pylon testing on Blastersimage.png.b3498f3cb7bebcdba3a8247fee16e6ba.png 

Slug > Snipe > Ignite is an incredibly solid ST chain, and you have really good range with cones, I'd recommend skipping M30 Grenade and getting Buckshot, Flamethrower, and Full Auto. 

Snipe works the same way other snipes do now, where "in combat" it's uninterruptable, has a shorter cast time, but does less damage. 

Ignite is nothing like how it was previously. While it leaves a burn patch on foes targeted on the ground, it primarily functions as a single target DoT with some residual AOE damage, much closer to Incinerate on Sentinels, now. I would not recommend skipping it. It pairs especially well with Scourge on Corrs since, y'know, high-damage single target DoT.

I'd strongly recommend you take a look at what AR is like as of Page 6 before you begin putting a build together. 


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