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Low Numbers

Taurus Maximus

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Hey everyone. Long time forum lurker, first time poster.


As someone who plays exclusively on Indomitable, it's become increasingly hard to get big groups together. Our once nightly hami raids are down to 3 times a week and even then only 8-10 people show up most of the time and it's a bust. Same thing goes for iTrials and MSRs. We usually have enough to actually get those teams going, but we seldom have the numbers to do the bigger trials.


Now, I know we can't change where people play (nor does anyone want to), but I think that the "unofficial PvP server" status of Indom is hurting our population, especially since the PVP community has long since migrated to Excelsior. Is there any chance of dropping that title so that maybe when new players have the choice of which server to join, they're less likely to completely avoid Indom because of the social stigma that many CoH players have towards PvP?


I know that server transfers are free, but we kind of like our little server. Those of us who do play on Indom don't want to be on a big server like Excelsior or Everlasting or we already would be. It would just be nice to actually run some of the big group stuff on the regular like we used to.


That's just my suggestion. What does everyone else think?

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Good morning. Even though I live in Ohio/USA, I play on Reunion. I started there when it was still Halcyon and hadn't been spun off as the European Server. I have also found that it can be a challenge to participate in group activities during the times I have time to play. I have a few Characters on other servers but have really made Reunion my home. Hami Raids and MSRs are consistently ran on weekends and I do those when I can, but iTrials have been something I haven't had much luck joining. I agree with you on your request, If the bulk of the PVP community is not there anymore then the title should be removed as it is not accurate.

Reunion may be the European Server ( and is in Germany ) but a lot of people I chat with are not in Europe either.

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" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

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