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Dual Pistols Suppressive Fire Recharge


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According the patch notes (and City of Data), the recharge on Suppressive Fire when using non-lethal ammunition should be 8 sec. On my Corruptor, the recharge is instead 20 secs regardless of what ammo toggle I have active.


On Brainstorm, the mechanics seem to work as intended for Defenders and Blasters (8 sec recharge when non-lethal ammo is selected). But for Corruptors, the recharge remains 20 sec regardless of the ammo toggle.


Looking at City of Data, it appears the power has a 'container' power which triggers either the lethal or non-lethal versions. On Blasters and Defenders, these triggers are fine. On Corruptors, they're reversed (lethal goes to non-lethal, non-lethal goes to lethal).

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