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  1. I think Aqua Bolt is generally the stronger power. They're about equivalent, but having a fast recharge power helps fill gaps in the rotation. Skipping Tidal Forces isn't really an option since you use it before every Geyser. Steam Spray has high enough dpa that it can be used as part of your single target attack chain (although the long recharge can be problematic). Whirlpool feels mandatory on a Corruptor to me. It's the hardest-hitting non-ultimate Rain, and Corruptors love Rains. That being said, Water is almost purely an AE set. Water Jet isn't all that bad an attack, but it requires fiddling around with the Tidal Power mechanic to reach the level of 'adequate'. None of the other attacks are more than just basic single target damage. On a Blaster, you can replace the ST attack chain with a melee attack chain from secondary and be left with awesome AE coupled with strong (melee) ST. On a Corruptor, you're stuck with anemic ST damage.
  2. 10% of the time in +4. Poison also really suffers from lack of status protection. If even one of those holds/sleeps/disorients gets through, you die in a hurry.
  3. While the set has its issues, I found Trick Arrow to be probably the most 'soloable' set available to Defenders. From level 1, you've got Flash Arrow - and that solves 95% of the defensive problems you'll ever experience in game. Long-term, it provides a decent boost to personal damage and a second ultimate. In contrast, another solo-friendly set would be Storm Summoning. But it's only solo friendly on the back end and generally requires IO sets to really work.
  4. Consider: The last few points of defense/resist/whatever you need to meet defensive goals is the most 'expensive' - you need to make the most compromises to reach it. Defensive goals are limits while damage is (effectively) unbounded. You're far more likely to receive external defensive buffs than external damage buffs. You only need those defensive limits against certain content. With that in mind, building against the expectation of Defensive Adaptation makes a lot more sense. Perhaps it makes more sense if you phrase it "build for offense, not for defense". If you're building against the expectation of Defensive Adaptation, you're building for offence. If you're building against the expectation of Offensive Adaptation, you're building for defense.
  5. In terms of Bio, I see this notion of it being an 'offensive' set thrown around a lot - but I view that as a misguided approach to the set. For Scrappers, Brutes and Tankers, Bio is an offensive set because it combines +damage with -resist. With Stalkers, you lose the -resist portion (for a useless Sleep effect) and this actually makes it a defensive set. While you can always switch to offensive if you're in no real danger, it makes a lot more sense to build your character as if you'll always be in Defensive Adaptation because that's what you should generally be using - the defense/resists/etc. you get from Defensive are a lot more valuable than a mere +25 damage.
  6. With Fold Space, Plant/Storm really seems the way to go these days - for both sets.
  7. It also takes To Hit buffs, so not a bad spot for Retified Reticle (although boosting the range of your Combat Teleport is admittedly a trifle more useful than boosting its To Hit bonus).
  8. Normally you don't invest too heavily in procs with Kinetics builds because the lack of slottable powers in Kinetics means you need to straight slot most of your other power set to meet your build goals. Since Fulcrum Shift is going to put you at the damage cap, the additional value from the procs is normally small. 'Proc Monster' builds tend to come from the debuff sets because -resist affects your base damage and those procs equally rather than simply buffing one. You also need to remember that because you can Fulcrum Shift/Siphon Power, you don't need to slot your Control set as damage - you can slot it as Control instead.
  9. I was wondering if there was any chance for an option to re-purpose the animations from one weapon set for another. Let's say you're playing a Dual Pistols/Tactical Arrow Blaster. Currently, you're shooting enemies with your pistols and then, when you use your secondary, you pull out a bow. While no doubt some players like this idea, it tends to be thematically jarring for most characters. What I'd propose is that for Trick/Tactical Arrow (at the very least - potentially also for Dual Pistols/Beam Rifle/Assault Rifle), there be a visual option that permits you to use animations from another weapon set. So if you're the aforementioned Dual Pistols/Tactical Arrow Blaster, you could select an option for your Electrified Net Arrow that would use a pistol animation instead of a bow animation. These animations (mostly) already exist. For example, the same animations for the 1.188 sec activation "Pistols" could be used for the 1.188 sec activation Electrified Net Arrow, so it's really just a matter of adding another option rather than having to create new artwork.
  10. I don't believe Domination affects either power. You're just stacking two Confuses. Arctic Air is only a 30% chance but if you've got it fully slotted up it should have an 8 sec duration with a 2 sec activation. So you have ~75% chance to have its Confuse active. With full slotting, World of Confusion will have ~75% uptime. So you're probably looking at ~56% chance to Confuse a boss (assuming you aren't hitting target caps).
  11. No one is forcing you to use Hide.
  12. This is my primary Blaster atm and it's a beast. Blizzard is the best ultimate any Blast set receives - albeit with a long recharge. For a Blapper, Ice Blast's two heavy-hitting main nukes coupled with strong melee attacks makes for a very high DPS ST rotation, especially alongside the -14% resist debuff. My build tends to emphasize defense a lot more (SLER capped, lots of emphasis on Hold) than yours and it requires Agility to hit its breakpoints, but it still does strong damage. Added: Looking over it again, I think the slotting for Kick/Sonic Thrust is switched (Kick is a pure mule, while Sonic Thrust is only used defensively for knock back).
  13. No, it needs to change. This should be what I'm playing now (the power order may be off): Perma-Hasten, Perma-PA, Perma-Indomitable Will, soft-capped Ranged/Psi. EMP Arrow can generate -382% Regen over time, this should rise to -535% over time with the Acid Arrow debuff. Note that this sort of build is far more 'strategic' than most CoH builds. You've got a huge array of weapons to use and you need to pick the right ones rather than just spamming a rotation. The bulk of the damage comes from pets, although Trick Arrow does do significantly more AE damage than most Illusion builds.
  14. When you're just wandering around attacking things, wouldn't you want to do AS > TF > EF give the chance to hide proc?
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