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  1. Cross Punch also adds +10% to hit, which means that you can insta-snipe with Moonbeam if you've got some combination of Tactics, Kismet and Bio Armor or Invulnerability.
  2. If you drop accuracy/recharge instead, then you don't lose any damage and you'll probably still hit 95%+ (depending on the rest of your build). Your damage will drop from 96.3% to 80.94% for an attack with a basic damage of 82.85, for a loss of 12.73 damage. With the 5-set, you have 66.25% recharge slotted into the attack. The attack has an area factor of 1 + (10 * (11 * 19 + 540) / 40000) = 1.1872. So the proc chance would be ((12 / 1.6625) + (1.83)) * 3.5 / (60 * 1.1872) = 44.46%. With a 71.75 damage proc, this would yield 31.9 damage - about 2.5 times what you lost from +damage. Note that this doesn't account for criticals, Assault Hybrid, etc.
  3. Musculature/Intuition are going to add probably 20% to your damage. Since all you're doing with Nerve is slotting another non-purple proc, it's unlikely that you'll make up the shortfall.
  4. Thoughts: Initial Strike. Your Toxic/Psi resist isn’t really high enough to care about 6-set bonus here, so you’re probably better off tossing a proc in. Heavy Blow. There’s rarely any reason to take both basic attacks - usually you only need one for a rotation and one is better than the other. Also, the Assassin’s Mark proc may be very useful, but the set is nothing special. I’d just grab the proc and use some other set. Assassin’s Strike. Stalker’s Guile really begs to be split for twice the 3-slot bonuses. Your defenses are horrible, so you need to work on that. Build Up. If you’re set up to proc Assassin’s Mark, you don’t need recharge here. Sweeping Cross. Bio Armor can be tough on a Stalker. Stalker innately want to pursue positionals (since they only need 2-of-3) but Bio Armor strongly incentivizes the typed. However, it’s a decision you need to make: typed vs. positionals. I don’t see much reason to take a full set of Obliteration here. Boundless Energy. All that endurance/recharge/whatever is wasted here. I’d recommend you do something more like 2 + 2 with Performance Shift proc & endMod and Panacea proc & Heal - then save the set bonuses for the power that actually needs the enhancement (Ablative Carapace). Shin Breaker. Start with Force Feedback: chance for recharge. Only then start thinking how you’ll fill out the remaining 5 slot. There’s nothing you can do with this power that’s more worthwhile than the Force Feedback proc. Combat Jumping. Normally, putting defense enhancements into powers with as little base defense as Combat Jumping isn’t all that worthwhile and you’re not getting much of a set bonus. Crushing Uppercut. This is another issue with straight-slotting a set that doesn’t justify it. DNA Siphon. You probably want at least some -recharge in here. Genetic Corruption. Chance for Placate is pointless here - anything you can placate is already asleep. For that matter, the power itself is rather pointless since it doesn’t actually debuff resistance or do anything but put enemies to sleep. Moonbeam. You need a way to hit insta-snipe consistently to make this worthwhile. Parasitic Aura. It looks like you’re just taking the power to take it. You don’t need it for a mule and it’s not a particularly useful power in most cases - it’s better to have a strong overall build than a panic button for when you get in over your head. I've linked my current iteration of Ice/Bio below for comparison. While there are different elements at work in the primary, a lot of what I did with secondary/pools can be adapted. It's got similar levels of resist to your build, but capped typed defense, insta-snipe and an overall higher damage rotation.
  5. I'm not sure it's 100% updated, but I've listed my Storm/Water build below. A lot of the basic ideas can be ported over to Water/Storm, but obviously you're trying to hit different breakpoints. The goal I was going for - soft-capped Ranged/AoE, hard-capped S/L/F - probably isn't reasonable for a Corruptor build. Also, my current thinking is that building around Agility/Spiritual (probably the former) makes more sense.
  6. Did you click over to 'effects' on Hide where it breaks down all the different bonuses by type? My Pines has the AoE defense at the expected value. In terms of the actual game, the power is +1.88% to all Defense, +38% to AoE and +3.75% to all while Hidden. The +3.75% is the only part that goes away. I've actually been tinkering around with Staff/Electric. With Agility, I can zero out endurance bars every 20 sec or so and have enough power to run constant Whirlwind (which also routinely procs Force Feedback) while having capped positionals and S/L/E resist. However, it pays for all that control by only using primary set attacks (no pool attacks).
  7. Blast sets are generally poor for farming since they're focused on burst rather than sustained dps. I can farm on my Storm Defender because Storm is actually quite effective - fire farms are one of the few places where Tornado routinely gets AE damage rather than single target. But to make a Blaster farmer? I think you're going to find the compromises necessary to get the defenses you need impede your ability to slot procs - even Fire Brutes struggle to soft-cap defenses (the hard capped FR is a given) enough that they can't slot for maximum possible dps. Much of the reason Defenders do so well is that they're defensive powerhouses. My Storm/Water Defender has something around double the unenhanced defense of a Fire Brute and 47.5% unenhanced Fire Resist (so I can hard-cap it without actually slotting for it). For a Blaster, who starts at zero defense/resist and needs to make it all up from relatively weak pool toggles? It's a rough road. Corruptors are, in some sense, 'gimpy Defenders' for this approach as well. On my Storm Defender, I have 16% pre-slotting Defense (Hover, Maneuvers, Weave, Steamy Mist). On a Storm Corruptor, you'd have 12.75%. After slotting, this is a 5% defense shortfall you have to make up somewhere. Likewise, that 47.5% pre-slotting FR turns into 35% FR on a Corruptor. You can certainly make up these shortfalls, but that means you need to use your offensive powers for defensive slotting rather than pure offense. Corruptors and Blasters also don't get the payoff Defenders do. Those procs are great, but they're equally great regardless of AT. Between the struggles Corruptors have on defense and the fact that so much of the damage isn't any better for Corruptors than Defenders (this is particularly noticeable with Storm, where the Tornado/Lightning Storm damage is the same between AT and cannot Scourge), much of the time your Corruptor build will end up with both weaker defense and weaker damage than the Defender version. The other reason people farm on Brutes rather than, say, Scrappers (who get all the same sets at higher damage, plus criticals) is Taunt. Even on a fire farm, lack of any form of taunt tends to result in scattered packs. While this isn't too bad when you're talking 15 - 20 yard AE, it's devastating for 8 yard ones.
  8. In terms of Water & Storm in particular, the way I did it: Water Burst (not currently in build): Place Force Feedback and other procs here as able. Geyser: Same as Water Burst Whirlpool: Don't bother with procs (location AE generally don't work with them) Single Target: Triple procs. Thunderstrike 3-piece + 3 procs is a nice breakpoint. Water Jet is where Apocalypse (and ATO if Corruptor) should go. Your basic attack will inevitably have a bad proc rate based on the frequency with which you'll cast it, so it's the best place to mule complete sets or put other low-value enhancements. PBAoE: None available to Water/Storm, but these can take a number of procs. Tornado: I don't generally slot for procs (except Force Feedback) since they proc at a lower rate than expected with the attack rate (it works on a 10 sec cycle like a toggle, but has a tiny AE radius that provides a penalty to proc rate despite rarely hitting more than 1 target). I haven't experimented with Soul Allegiance Build Up, but it might be worthwhile. However, since Tornado doesn't need accuracy, it tends to have slots to spare (although your build might not). Lightning Storm: This has a problem similar to Tornado in that it has a tiny AE radius that penalizes the proc rate while not often hitting multiple targets. This is exacerbated by the fact that Lightning Storm is generally used on hard single targets like AV/GM rather than large crowds. Cones: The problem with cones is the range issue. I don't use Water's Cone attack, but if I did I'd want to extend the range out to 70+ yards. This consumes slots you'd otherwise put procs in, so my general rule is that I'll probably just use Position's Energy proc (since you can grab a cheap 2-set with Damage/Range from the same set). Lastly, pay attention to accuracy. Most level 50 builds are 'over-accurate'. They slot powers without regard for the fact that anything over 95% hit chance is wasted. If you're just naively straight-slotting everything, this isn't a big deal since you're wasting your slots anyway. However, if every slot you save on a power is one that can be re-purposed to more damage, knowing where the limit on accuracy lies can allow you to reduce the number of slots required to enhance the power itself (and this limit can vary between powers since some are far more accurate than others). This also means that Tactics and Kismet can be important on builds even when you can easily hit enemies - because it lets you reduce your commitment to accuracy and save slots. That being said, the reason I tend to triple proc is because that's where the breakpoint on sets like Thunderstrike and Defender/Corruptor ATOs lies. If you managed to save another slot, you'd need to find something to usefully slot with a 2-set bonus.
  9. The general rule is "resist for Tankers/Brutes, defense for Scrappers/Stalkers". However, I think in this case, it might not be the best course of action. All Stalkers are effectively AoE defense capped. That means Stalkers only require two positional defenses rather than the normal three. However, Staff has an enhanceable attack that grants +10% Melee Defense (on top of the not-completely-meaningless 1.88% to all from Hide). This means that any Staff/* Stalker is already well on their way to soft-capping positionals and you might be better served by pursuing a resist-based set.
  10. I play a Storm/Water Defender and it is pretty insane damage-wise. However, I'll note that I play a Defender rather than a Corruptor for a few reasons: Storm damage between the two AT is the same. Heavy use of procs in Water Blast means that 40%+ of the Water Blast damage is the same. Freezing Rain is -35% resist for Defenders vs. -30% resist for Corruptors. Since this applies to all of your damage and most of your damage is the same between Defender/Corruptor, this means Defender tends to deal more damage. Defenders have a significantly easier time soft-capping defenses. Part of the reason I'm able to slot my attacks so heavily for proc damage is because I don't need to slot them for defense. A Corruptor would have a much harder time reaching the (admittedly outrageous) levels of defense I run (Ranged/AoE soft-capped, S/L/F resist capped). Some of the key elements: Slot Force Feedback into Tornado, Lightning Storm and Geyser. Potentially put it in Water Burst as well (I don't use Water Burst on my build). Be aware that you can 'split' one of the Corruptor/Defender ATOs by putting 3 of it in two different powers to grab a 10% recharge bonus twice. Normally this would be AE powers because they're the ones that need recharge (you don't want recharge in your single target powers or it hurts your procs) and AE IO sets are generally poor. Water Jet should have a pile of procs in it. Because you get to use it 3 times in an 8 - 10 sec span without hurting your proc chances (due to the double tap mechanic), it is one of the most proc-friendly attacks in the game. Char/Dominate from epic pools is a good choice to round out the rotation since it can slot Unbreakable Constraint. You don't actually need more than two single target attacks (Water Jet and a basic attack) to exploit Water Jet effectively. As usual, slot the Aim power with Gaussian's build up proc. Steamy Mist can be 6-slotted for both defense and resistance pretty effectively. This allows you to take multiple endurance reduction set IOs without wasting enhancements on superfluous qualities like recharge. Tornado is where you put the Overwhelming Force proc - nothing else really needs it unless you plan to slot Gale as an AE attack. Freezing Rain doesn't really need anything except recharge but it can be a useful mule.
  11. Hjarki


    Pool (and patron/epic) powers can crit as well.
  12. Hjarki

    Brute tanks?

    In a league setting, there are so many buffs/debuffs that the only real distinction is that both Tankers and Brutes have a 90% resist cap while everyone else has less. In a solo setting, Fury tends to be a tremendous advantage while the Tanker's advantages aren't really apparent. In a team setting, Tankers tend to be superior for a few reasons: The -20% resist debuff is far more significant than the Brute's damage advantage. Tankers gain greater benefit from Inspirations and other forms of damage buffing. Tankers have a more comprehensive set of defenses. That being said, neither Tankers nor Brutes are particularly necessary for endgame teams in most cases because everyone else on the team also has soft-capped defenses and pertinent resists hard-capped (at a lower level).
  13. Recharge is only a penalty when it pushes the rate at which the attack recharges below the rate at which you can feasibly use it. With a Blast set, this tends to occur if you slot any recharge at all into the single target attacks because the three-attack chain is already so tight. However, on a Controller, the ST chain is normally a two-stroke Hold + 8 sec recharge pool attack. This attack chain has to slot recharge to close the rotation anyway, so you might as well get it from your Alpha. On an Electric Controller, your AE works the same way. You've got two 'rotational' AE - the Immobilize and Jolting Chain - both on 8 sec recharge that require slotting recharge to close the rotation. Everything beyond that is proc-chance-capped no matter what recharge you thrown at it, so additional recharge is pure upside (and more upside than Musculature).
  14. Jolting Chain starts with a single target attack that also summons two psuedo-pets. That single target attack appears to proc at the expected rate for single target attacks. Those two psuedo-pets fire off a single attack each and summon two (?) psuedo-pets of their own. These pseudo-pets appear to proc at the expected rate for psuedo-pet attacks (hard to tell exactly), which will be lower than the initial attack (since you don't get the global recharge benefit to PPM). This process continues for a few iterations until you've reached the target cap. It does not appear that any enemy can be affected more than once by the power (you can't summon it on an AV for 16x damage). Normally, you'd slot this with Apoc, Javelin and Explosive Strike. Assuming no recharge is slotted, this gives you ~60% chance on normal procs and ~75% on purple procs for the initial strike. The psuedo-pet chance to proc seems slightly lower - but not by all that much. I don't believe there's any portion of the power that involves area effect factors at all. It's also very likely that you can slot Jolting Chain for recharge without significantly penalizing its proc chance. If we assume that the psuedo-pet proc chance is 30%/37.5% (which I believe is conservative), then the difference between 100% recharge slotting and 0% recharge would be 60% + 30% * 14 = 4.8 procs per activation vs. 30% + 30% * 14 = 4.4 procs per activation. This small difference not only suggests that slotting Jolting Chain for recharge makes sense, but it makes Agility a very strong choice for Alpha.
  15. Procs in pets only fire when the pet uses a power that could slot that proc. If a pet only has a single power that uses a given proc, that will normally mean you'll just get the expected performance (if it's a 3.5 PPM proc, it will proc approximately 3.5 times per minute rather than more). However, if a pet has two or more powers that use the same proc category and they don't interfere with one another and the pet can operate constantly, then you can potentially do better. For Dark Servant, the only proc that seems to make sense is Cloud Senses. The rest would be limited to a single power it uses. I think you'll find building towards Ranged Defense much easier than using Scorpion Shield with Storm Summoning. While Steamy Mist isn't as massive a boost as Fade or Farsight, it's still quite sufficient to soft-cap defenses once you add on pools and IO sets. That being said, Mace Mastery has a -res ST attack, a knockback AE and you can mule all the defensive pet IO uniques into any of the patron pool pets. So it might be a strong choice even if you could reach your defensive goals in other ways.
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