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  1. Yes and no. Caltrops can be proc'd out to create a 'good on paper' power that will do a significant amount of damage for the activation time. With that in mind, that significant amount of damage occurs over 45 sec to targets that remain in the field. From a practical standpoint, this will almost never be of much use since most of your enemies will be dead long before the duration is over.
  2. As players level up, they increasingly address problems like recharge, healing, defense, etc. As a result, it's fairly common for your buffs to be superfluous when used on high level players. They may not be at some 'cap', but they are effectively at the limits of what they can use. This means that the majority of a Defender's buffs are really just self-buffs - you design your character around them in a way other players cannot.
  3. A good rule of thumb is when you see people start throwing around insults rather than engaging in reasonable debate, it's because they've realized they can't win on the merits of this argument. I think most reasonable people who look over the threads you've contributed to, keeping this rule in mind, will understand precisely where you're coming from.
  4. No, it isn't. When your proc chance is over-cap, you are getting fewer ppm than you would with a power that has an uncapped proc chance. This is true even if you slot internal recharge sufficient to bring it below cap. With a 20s sniper attack, you'll be doing 71.75 * 90% / 20 = 3.23 dps. With a 12s sniper attack, you'll be doing 71.75 * 77.76% / 12 = 4.65 dps. This advantageous ratio (for the 12s attack) is retained with global recharge but becomes even better if you start slotting internal recharge into the powers.
  5. I think Masterminds are probably the best 'Straggler killers'. However, Blasters, Corruptors and Dominators are all strong choices because they've got ranged attacks so they don't need to bother chasing enemies all over the place like Stalkers. My observation is that having effective ranged attacks on Stalkers eliminates most of that wasted time running around. Likewise, having AE attacks that can be used over a wide area rather than the Stalker's immediate vicinity means that they can hit a bunch of lieutenants/bosses at once for more than they could do with the same amount of time spent on single target attacks. In terms of EB/AV/GM, most of the fight is actually solving the problem of not dying. Once you've solved that problem, you need a fairly low amount of dps to beat their regen and you'll win. The speed at which you win is generally irrelevant because the time spent fighting those EB/AV/GM is a tiny fraction of the time you spent chewing through endless trash on the way to them. Even then, the disparity between Stalker and another dps AT is almost meaningless compared to what your support AT bring to the table when you're talking about that final fight where the entire team/league is focused on a single target. A team of the right 8 Defenders will shred an EB/AV/GM faster than any set of 8 Stalkers/Blasters/Scrappers you can muster.
  6. The value you've listed for Power Burst is only in Energy Focus mode. The likelihood of this is hard to calculate since we don't know what the chance is for the various attacks, but you need to either set it up with low damage attacks or tie it to the longer recharge on Total Focus. Also, the longer recharges aren't actually a plus. In the abstract sense, a power with a 5s recharge and a power with a 10s recharge with the same proc will create the same dps from that proc because the former will fire the proc twice as often with half the chance. However, when you have powers with a base recharge longer than ~16 sec, you've already capped 3.5 ppm procs (~12 sec for 4.5 ppm). So you need to lower the recharge to get them back below cap or you're wasting some of the potential of the proc. But doing so also diminishes the value of your global recharge. Let's say we ignore activation time and we've got a 32 sec recharge power. We want to slot 100% internal recharge so we drop the recharge of the power down to 16 sec. Our power is approximately at cap now. If we add another 100% global recharge, this would mean that our power has near-cap proc rate with an effective recharge of ~10.5. If we had simply started with a 16 sec power and had 100% global recharge, we'd have a near-cap proc rate with an effective recharge of ~8 sec.
  7. I think this is one of the problems I have with Stalker that others either (a) have yet to fully recognize or (b) don't care about. The generic Stalker is essentially worthless on every fight until that final AV/GM. Tankers and Brutes do useful AE because they're the center of the battle. They've got taunt auras and can nicely compress spawns around themselves. But our generic Stalker isn't the center of the battle - his friend the Tanker/Brute is. Even if he's tough enough to do the 'tanking' thing, he doesn't have the taunt to keep those spawns on him. That leaves him trying to pick off individual targets. But Blast sets are significantly better at that task because you don't need to be constantly chasing enemies. That's why I mentioned Claws earlier. It's a relatively good "fight an AV/GM" set with standard Assassiante and a slow/heavy single target attack to exploit Hide. But it's also got one of the best Ranged attacks available to Stalkers plus a fast-activating massive radius/arc KB Cone so you can operate in 'Blaster mode' in a team setting where you're not the center of attention for the mobs. In some sort of Platonic Ideal of a Stalker, I get the notion that you're a single target guy. But so much of the game isn't single target - or involves non-melee single target - that going with this notion of a Stalker tends to lead to a hero/villain who just isn't very useful most of the time.
  8. I tend to agree. It's a significant investment for a 'trick' that doesn't have all that much practical value. It's the sort of thing you do to make the 'uber pylon build', but I can't see much reason to use such a tactic in a play build.
  9. Hjarki

    Rad or Invuln

    As I pointed out, enemies don't slice through DDR on +M/L or +S/L secondaries either. However, Invulnerability tends to have a lot of trouble with Toxic/Psi, end drain, etc. There are plenty of enemy groups that go after these weaknesses. I get the impression a lot of people are looking at Council or similar groups as their standard for 'effective tanking' and not paying any attention to the enemy groups that people really worry about.
  10. Total Focus is significantly lower dpat than either Blaze or Blazing Bolt (and so is Power Burst). While they have a decent dpa, this is really just big numbers without any mechanics that favor large, slow attacks.
  11. This actually just counterbalances the basic discrepancy between the two AT. So Dominators only do a smidge less damage per Sniper attack than a Blaster rather than a lot less damage. Moreover, recharge does matter - the Blaster can use their high damage Sniper attack 66% more often (not even accounting for the fact that Dominators get no recharge bonuses while many Blaster secondaries provide 20%+ recharge bonuses). It's +102% for non-Defenders, +140% for Defenders. Blasters can also get the same power in secondary, except they can make theirs perma- while Dominators only get 50% uptime even with massive recharge. Blasters also generally have Aim in primary and some form of Build Up in secondary (Soul Drain is the example in Dark, but there are others). Blasters (albeit not ones with Soul Drain) can get Build Up for +100% damage on top of Aim. You also have to consider that Dominators are one of the only AT where their primary doesn't really bring any meaningful damage. In theory, the pet can potentially push Dominators over what a Blaster can do, but that's a sketchy comparison give the inability of Dominators to do much to keep the pet alive.
  12. Hjarki

    Rad or Invuln

    The goal was to demonstrate the principle, not to debate over specific numbers. The origin of the entire debate was the note that surviving defense debuffs with secondary is actually quite a bit easier than surviving it with primary. This means the relative value of DDR in primary is lower than the value of other debuff resistances in most cases. Likewise, Defense in general is a less comprehensive way to mitigate damage than Resistances because there are so many situations where enemies can slice through even exceptional defenses while there really aren't many (beyond, I suppose, Hamidon) where they slice through Resistance in the same manner. If you're making the "I can blindly charge into any situation" Tanker, Radiation is probably your first choice. Invulnerability might make the top 5, but it's questionable. Moreover, even if you could make an argument that it should be #4 or #5, it's still not a particularly strong basis for the rest of the build since it lacks recharge, damaging attacks/auras, +damage or other useful features like endurance management.
  13. Unless you're counting damage from a Control set pet, I'm not seeing it. Blasters will run +30% damage or so (from Defiance) over a Dominator as well as having better damage scales and lower recharges on the harder hitting powers (12s vs. 20s on Sniper attacks, for example). Blasters also get accuracy/hit/recharge/defense buffs in their Assault sets that Dominators don't, making it easier to build towards raw damage. Even Blaster melee attacks hit harder than Dominator melee attacks (although not by nearly as much as ranged attacks).
  14. I think this tends to be 'bad advice' in the sense that virtually all builds are incarnated level 50 builds that cost 250+ billion influence or more. They're not very accessible to the average player. Moreover, many of those builds 'peak' at different levels and may be brutally difficult to level up or exemplar very badly. I think a better strategy is to find something you look and study the build. Try to figure out why someone did what they did and if it doesn't make sense to you, ask. Even if the original build designer isn't around, most of the decent ones know perfectly well why power X was slotted with enhancements Y and can answer your questions about builds they've never seen before.
  15. Hjarki

    Rad or Invuln

    I posted the (correct) unenhanced values. What you're comparing them against are enhanced values. I didn't post anything about ToHit bonuses whatsoever. Except I haven't. Bopper even had to step in and include charts before the 'experts' realized they were wrong about how defense works.
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