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  1. I'd argue Scrapper is a better choice. As you noted, playing a non-Resist Tanker is a tough choice because of that high resist cap. While a Shield Tanker will normally S/L cap, they'll have weaker resists elsewhere. Moreover, a large chunk of those resists will come from IO set bonuses that are the same for both Tanker and Scrapper. So while the Tanker will be tougher than the Scrapper, it will be more like 30% vs. 40% resist rather than 75% vs. 90% resist. Scrappers have a higher base damage and get more benefit from Against all Odds. Battle Axe has a terri
  2. Force Feedback in AE is normally a non-brainer because the large number of targets makes the proc chance near 100% even on short recharge powers. That being said, Shield Charge isn't a particularly good choice due to its the extremely long recharge. Getting 5 sec of +100 recharge on a 14 sec recharge Dragon's Tail is a near-perma +100% global recharge. Getting 5 sec of +100 recharge on a 90 sec Shield Charge is more like +10% global recharge... if you're charging on Cooldown (which you probably aren't).
  3. Hjarki

    SR a trap?

    The problems I experience with SR: It has no resist powers. While it does have the scaling resist, the real issue is that it doesn't have powers to slot resist sets. Every unique resist IO has to be packed into Toughness and you can't use non-unique resist set IOs (such as for bolstering Psi resist). When it fails, it fails hard. All sets have a 'hole'. But most of the time, that 'hole' just means not being hard-capped/soft-capped against that particular attack. With SR, the 'hole' is extremely narrow (non-positional attacks) but SR is completely defenseless against them. So instea
  4. This actually surprises me. When I was referring to melee Cone AE, I was referring to things like Shadow Maul. Frost (and the narrower Fire cone as well as the Claws final attack, etc.) are actually ranged Cone AE (although traditionally they could not slot range IOs except via IO set pieces). I wouldn't have thought ranged Cone AE would be affected by the Tanker ability, although this was really little more than an assumption because I never tested those particular Cones.
  5. I don't believe this is correct. The melee cones I've tested have both an arc and a radius increase for Tankers.
  6. One iteration of my Ill/TA build is here:
  7. Fire also grants a fire damage proc to all of your attacks. Taken together, Molten Embrace will provide more overall damage than Bio Armor will.
  8. My general approach: Entangling Arrow (Gravitational Anchor). This is a mandatory pick and it's not horrible, but not great. It's only a Mag 3 Immobilize, so it's not actually much good as an Immobilize. While you can theoretically lock down an AV/GM eventually and it can slot another purple set, it's primarily a -resist debuff for hard single target fights. Flash Arrow (4-set Cloud Senses, no proc). This is one of the key powers of the set and it will normally floor an opponent's hit unless they have ways to significantly resist -hit debuffs. Glue Arrow (skip). Aside from be
  9. Precise Strike. This is an ideal place to put the +50% proc because the standard rotation - PS, Serpent's Reach, PS, Skysplitter - always follows it with a very hard-hitting attack. Putting the proc into the damage aura means that it applies somewhat randomly rather than at the optimal point in your rotation. Guarded Spin. This can take LotG recharge (and generally should). That leaves 5 slots for either Avalanche or Armageddon, although various frankenslotting options work as well. Eye of the Storm. Force Feedback proc is ideal here and dramatically increasing AE damage. Ser
  10. Very few enemies are purely ranged. The only ones I can think of off-hand would be things like Rikti drones or various floating Psionic enemies. Almost everything else has, at the very least, a brawl-type attack. But there are plenty of enemies that are mostly ranged. These enemies will try to exhaust their (good) ranged attacks before they resort to any sort of melee attack. Even with multi-tanking, you're running afoul of the target cap. While you can certainly pack 100 mobs into a small area, that doesn't change the fact that you're only able to damage 16 of them at once (and
  11. Some notes: Gauntlet does not appear to have a -range debuff, only the Taunt powers from secondaries. Here's the entry for Gauntlet: https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=redirects.inherents.gauntlet_proc_aura&at=tanker Players have an aggro cap of 17. While your effects (including Taunt) will remain on the target if it drops off your aggro list, you will not hold threat on more than 17 targets regardless of the effects you have on them and if mobs are too far away from you, they will not re-aggro. Moreover, having just a taunt effect is not a significant source of thre
  12. Tanker and Scrapper versions have different recharge numbers. Spin on a Tanker is 14 sec while the damage on the Tanker's Spin is actually higher than the damage on the Scrapper's. Focus is 8 sec on a Tanker vs. 6 sec on a Scrapper. To put this in perspective, let's look at the two big attacks. On a Tanker, Follow Up will deal 42.2638 damage. On a Scrapper, it will deal 50.0492 damage. With a recharge of 12 sec, the quad procs will deal 257 damage. With 100% internal recharge, a single purple proc will deal 55 damage. On a Tanker, Focus will deal 79.7728 dam
  13. I prefer the Tanker: No heavy-hitting attack. On a Scrapper, you want a set where the attack after your ATO proc hits like a truck. Claws' hardest hitting attacks aren't even as good as a epic Snipe. Perfect Zinger. Tankers can slot it. Scrappers can't. This means you can quad-proc Follow Up and Focus on a Tanker while you only have three proc options on a Scrapper. Weak second attack. Virtually all melee sets force Tankers to take a bad attack but permit Scrappers/Stalkers/Brutes to take the decent second attack. For Claws, neither attack is desirable so Scrappers have no re
  14. Flash Arrow makes solo'ing Trick Arrow trivial. Unless you're pushing the limits of the game, it floors enemy hit chances. The fact that you get a second ultimate in Oil Slick Arrow is no slouch either. For AV/GM solo'ing, it's nearly unmatched because you get status protection on top of massive debuffs.
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