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Mapserver DC And Queue


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I know the guys are trying to keep the servers up and keeping the community happy. Im greatful for CoH's return.


What is annoying is I'm in a TF, get Mapserved and now stuck in a que to get back in when I didn't want to drop out.


The game kicked me out and now I have to wait in line when I already waited 3 hours to get in.


And here I go to put another thing in the plate of the people running the server but I think their needs to be instances like Task Forces where players bypass the que when in the TF so teams dont have to wait the time.


some might think it's unfair but think of the ammount of time it takes at times to set a TF up. Remember you can't mission or anything when in a TF so it's not like it's a good way around the que, this just would allow people in TFs to get back to the TF.

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From todays patch notes: https://score.savecoh.com/index.php/topic,783.0.html




We released a small update this morning which should allow you to skip the queue if you disconnected in the last 10 minutes. This will allow you to get back into the game in the event of a crash, internet outage, or unfortunate mapserver encounter without having to go through another long wait.


This feature is still very much experimental, so there’s no guarantee it’ll work under all circumstances - please let us know how it works (or doesn’t work) for you!


If it's not working, post to that thread to let them know.


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