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Star Captain - my first comic book on Tapas!

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It all started when a ship crashes near a "mad scientist" called Edgar Novais, he enters the ship and finds several dead aliens, but also finds a radioactive battery that will help him create a machine that "mixes realities". When he leaves the spaceship he notices soldiers arriving in the distance, and runs away. But the machine he builds with that battery explodes and the energy runs through all the electrical wires on the island called “Lake of Eden”, “mixing” several people with any character that was around. At that same moment, close by, Daniel Dias was going home, taking a toy called Star Captain  to his son Tiago, since it was his 11th birthday, but Daniel was sleepy, lost control of the car, and was thrown out, while in contact with the toy that was thrown forward along with him. At the same time, the ray from Edgar's machine that passed through one of the posts above hits both of them, and Daniel becomes a living version of the toy with all the powers he would have if he were real.


Hello Paragon.

Happy to finally launch my first superhero comic book on Tapas. 





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