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  1. I think Cimerora could have a new AV inspired by Medusa. Not with real Medusa powers, of course. Otherwise all heroes would turn to stones. lol
  2. Sometimes I get confused when 2 chats have the same colors. Can you guys make SG and LFT chat with different colors? Thanks.
  3. I got this art in Deviant Art. I just colorized it and turned it into a wallpaper.
  4. Any whovians players out there?
  5. I'm working with another writer now. He's helping me to develop my stories better, but we still don't have an artist. And I can't afford someone to draw, like... 11 comics, that I intend to do.
  6. Really cool. I'm trying to make comics with 2 characters that I create in the game too. Can you give me some tips? 😁
  7. When the tank asks who is scattering the enemies...
  8. I need a great build for my DB/WP scrapper. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hey folks. I need a build for my new scrapper. Dual Blades/ Will Power The best one you guys can send me. Thanks.
  10. I wish less annoying effects for dual pistols and MM's robots. When they all start to shoot at same time these effects bother me. And maybe a more "horror theme" for dark powers. Tks for your great work!😃
  11. One of my old videos I made of my chars... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfnk4V2BnP4
  12. I made one archer called "Man in Tight", do I have to delete him? (yup, is a homage to Mel Brooks)
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