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  1. Hey folks. I got a folder of "texturize" files that can change all the pictures in mishs, from a friend. I'm trying to open it all to change for pictures that I like. When I used this program to "detexturize" a file, it open in the same folder. But when I tried to use paint or photoshop to change the image, it not open. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
  2. Most of the time I choose magic, because the stores are closer to transport.
  3. Hi guys. I would like to see a few more P2W vendors "unlocked" in other maps, like the PD one. I also wanna suggest that we could at least can change the colors of Lore pets. And a position like this... Or like this...
  4. Yup, a Indiana Jones AT.... basically.
  5. I wish! 😅 But one of the names for the members is the "coconut guy".
  6. Hello my vassals! As your King, elected by the Lady of the Lake, I want to call everyone to my new "supergroup" as you call it. The “Silly Knights of Camelot”, in Excelsior server. To participate, you just need to create a character that starts with "Sir" or "Lady" and make an outfit inspired by that time. Of course, you can also be based on the movie “Monty Python and The Holy Grail”. But if you decide to make a Wizard Tim, for example, it is better to advertise here beforehand. So that we don't have two equal characters. My global is @StarVoid. I play the game practically every day, but there is already another Knight there. And as I started today, our Castle is not ready, and since I have no practice in building bases, I gladly accept any help. But remember to add some shruberry. A good one.
  7. How about if we did a contest to become one of the main heroes, or villains, of our game? I think the main rules would be that you can't vote for a character that you created yourself, and that you can only vote once.
  8. I think that stones in that "water fountain backpack" are a bit ugly. Can we have the option to choose crystals instead? And that bubble aura could also be improved. Something like this:
  9. I think this could be added in that little emote ballon. We pick a flyopse in it and that is gonna be our flypose, till we pick other.
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