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  1. I just put these heads on these machines and changed their light color to red.
  2. Don't know why, I marker my calender as October 18th. And I missed another CC... 😪
  3. I had an idea for an upcoming update. What if the Recluse lackeys wanted to become the new leader?😈
  4. Howdy. Do you have a good build for a tanker willpower/street justice? Thank you for all this suppport. 😃
  5. Just made a few changes in the original wallpaper...
  6. The theme would be ridiculous heroes...
  7. I wih scrappers powers have more fluid movements like Miss Lib in the beggining of this video, jumping and spining her sword:
  8. I usually have a sg friend to help me with these builds, but he's having problems with this kind of powers. If someone there have a great build for this kind of blaster, plz send me here, so I can open in MIDs. Tyvm.
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