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Opinion on Build - Dual Pistol / Martial Combat


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Hi all,


Just wanted to know if I could get some opinions on my build. Please note this is my first blaster, and my first character on Homecoming as I'm relatively new. I was lucky enough to get some influence from people and followed two builds to make this one. I know there are some issues with it and with some things powers I picked / slotted, however I got to a point where I didn't know what to do or where to go.


Ideally I'm just looking for good hitting power at range and up-close, but also good defence. I don't mind it being a budget build as I don't really have influence to spend on IOs.


I haven't put any incarnates, I do have them though.


Thanks again!



Blaster (Dual Pistols - Martial Combat) - LUCIO.mbd

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I'm not sure the build has imported properly for me as there are a few slots empty...


Before I start, my playstyle for this is very much at range. The only time I go melee is for Hail of Bullets, then out again. Ideally, Hail of bullets>Hail of bullets would be my attack chain. To that end, I've dropped Dragons Tail & Eagle's Claw. The former because the AoE is quite small, and the latter because of the long animation time. I play blasters as very mobile, always moving, always looking for the best angle to get as many as possible in my ranged AoEs. Bullet Rain & Empty Clips are really nice AoEs in the DP set. Dual Wield and Executioners shot are great single target. My melee attacks are Storm Kick (it's quick & high damage) and Ki Push (it's cool and it is great mitigation).


For my blasters I generally look for Def to Ranged and Smashing & Lethal. I tend to ignore everything else. The majority of the S&L def comes from Scorpion Shield and the majority of the Ranged comes from the (cheap) Mako and Thunderstrike. I don't bother getting Resists because Blasters have low health and if something is annoyed with you, either your defences will handle it or you'll get squished. Resists won't really help. The good news is that you don't "need" Clarion as a Destiny pick because of Inner Will so can shore up with Barrier if you like.


The way I've found best to build, is to pick your powers first. Then toggle on the powers that you'll normally have on. Then open the "Advanced totals" window to see what those three defences are looking like. I then slot out the defences (usually 4 in each, almost always filling them out with LoTG) and then take another look at the advanced window to see how it looks. 


I then 6 slot the main attacks I want. For this build, it would be Storm Kick, 2 x AoEs, 2 Single target ranged, and 1 nuke. That then leaves me with overflow slots that I use to shore up the build.


I've attached my build for info. 45% to S&L, and 43% to ranged. I hate missing, so there is a lot of accuracy in there. Tough is a mule for the +Def procs, I don't run it switched on. Kick is also a mule for the Kin Combat set and Melee def. Doesn't get used. As you can see, everything gives me either Ranged Def or Melee def.


Some notes re: your build.

Extra slots in health are pointless. DB is quite low in End use, and Reaction Time is awesome. Just stick the Panacea proc in there. Save 2 slots. As a blaster, if your health starts to take a serious hit, it'll go very quickly. Regen in health won't save you. A green insp will be much better.

Web Envelops is a waste. Blasters kill stuff. Leave the entangling to the controllers & doms. I'd switch it for Tactics and try to squeeze a full set of Gaussians in there for more +Def.

Dual Wield is better damage than Pistols. Switch them out unless you like the animation better.

Suppresive Fire is a Stun. Get rid (unless you like soloing). Leave mezzing to the controllers and doms.

I appreciate you want strong melee, strong ranged and strong defences, but you can't do it all. Blasters excel at range, so if you want to play to your strengths, shore up the ranged attacks and pick a couple (or maybe 3) melee attacks to focus on. You just don't have enough slots to slot out all the things you want (sadly!)


As always, that's just my tuppence. Everyone plays how they want, so take what you like & leave the rest.

Enjoy your blaster!

Ballistica - Blaster (Dual Pistols).mbd

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