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Monkey Business!

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So, in the back of my mind I had a few things nagging at me to do something about them...

  1. Two arcs I liked that I removed from All That Glitters to tighten that up. Good interesting missions/encounters - just a little superfluous to that story.
  2. A Praetorian mob that clearly has a presence based on the Mr. G arc, that I never leveraged in my "All That" series - The Syndicate.
  3. An idea to fit Rikti Monkeys into a little story.


I give you

  • Monkey Business 1: Hunky Monkeys
  • Monkey Business 2: Funky Monkeys


If you played the All That Glitters arcs set in St. Martial and the RWZ in their previous incarnation, some of this will be familiar, but there are new mobs, and a new story unpinning all of it, and nary a Gold Bricker or Mook to be seen throughout. 


Edited by Ankylosaur

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  • Notable One-offs: Rularularian - 41-54*  |  The Serpent Beyond the Horizon - 46-52*   |  Robolution - 25-34*  |  The Genesis & Geneticists of The Coming Hamiggedon -  41-54*   |  Spycraft and Spidermen - 40-47  |  Return to Faultline - 40-54 
  • Post-Praetoria Series: All That Glitters: Gold Brickers & Mooks 9 Arcs  |   All That Glimmers:  First Warders & Mu - 9 Arcs  | All That Glints: The Awakened & Council - 3 Arcs  |  All That Glows: Nictus & 5th Column - 3 Arcs*   |  All That Gleams: Epilogue - 1 Arc
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