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Elemental Supremacy - Seeking Feedback


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Hey Everyone,


First time posting, I used to play this game a lot as a kid, never got far. Been playing nonstop for the last month or so. I published my first story arc a bit ago, I tried when I was a kid to make continuations for some of the enemy groups that I liked and wanted further content on. This arc is a continuation on The Outcasts called Elemental Supremacy; custom characters and units trying to fit their style, along with a reference of a character my brother and I remember seeing way back when we originally played that we both thought was very funny and for whatever reason we never forgot.


Just looking for general feedback on the arc, and any issues with the balance. The arc should work for levels 1-20. It should be not too hard to run, ideally wanted it pretty in line with the difficulty of a normal arc. When I ran it myself I did have a serious balance problem with Mission 3. I tried to decrease that difficulty quite a bit and republish, so hopefully it will not be quite so overtuned.

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