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Looking for advice on a storm/regen build

Midnight Mystique

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So my Storm/Regen just hit 45 and I am on my way to L50 so I am working on a L50 build and while I have what looks like a decent build, I have a few questions that I hope some folks can answer


My current build goals are as follows:

1) Recharge to keep Cat5 up as much as possible
2) Resistances to take the edge off damage to buffer Instant regen's absorb and my overall regen. I chose to slot for resist instead of def as regen has at least some base resist in resilience but no def.
3) Mixing in as much non-cold damage as possible, which is why I took electric mastery and picked up paralyzing jolt which has ok damage plus  nice stun
4) otherwise slotting as much +hp, +regen and whatever def I can get without burning a ton of slots on it.


In general, I don't build with a lot of purples. I have a lot of alts (like, 100+ currently, about 15-20 at L50) and I don't do +4/x8 solo tough task force builds so in the past I haven't considered anything but the archetype sets worth picking up, as they cost about 8 mill a piece plus the cost of the catalyst to upgrade to superior (<= 1 mill, but I run enough L50+ raids with my current 50's that I get a lot in drops) vs the 14=16 mill cost for most other purples. However, I have been running a lot of hami raids lately (1-2 a day when I am playing) which are generating enough merits (120 per run) that have been picking 1-2 sets per new 50.


The recharge on my current build is just, possible even to much so what I am looking for at this point is suggestions on any tricks to squeeze out more resistance and feedback on a couple of build choices I made:

1) I can't decide if I am better off taking gust vs hailstones - while the second power is better damage, that plus cloudburst means most of my single target damage is cold dots. Gust does good damage in a storm cell and is smashing, so not sure which is best.
2) I am looking at taking lighting field (electricity mastery) in place of chain lightning for extra aoe - some of the feedback I have read on chain lightning is that the secondary damage is sub-par compared to the primary plus it doesn't proc well, which is ugly for an 18 end, 20 second recharge aoe.  


Mids gives me an exception when I try to do a forum export through build sharing, so I am just attaching my saved build:




A last note on procs - I am not a huge fan of putting procs instead of enhancement sets that buff damage and give you a lot of set bonuses on AT with decent base damage. I will certainly include procs in enh sets that have them and add in the occasional extra proc, or proc out a low damage power like electric fences, but otherwise I am not big into them, which is good as the feedback I have seen on storm blast is that it sucks for procs.


Thanks for any advice




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forgot to mention procs
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