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Electric Blast/Poison build help


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4 hours ago, EnjoyTheJourney said:

Attached is a defender version as potential food-for-thought. Wouldn't claim that what's here is necessarily superior to what you've done. But, perhaps there are some ideas you might like. Or not, not sure. 

Good luck with your poisoner, however you decide to move forward.

Defender (Poison - Electrical Blast - Mu mastery).mbd 44.77 kB · 1 download

Thank you! I'll take a look at it 😄

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I only have a narrow idea of what build goals are here (teaming). Without knowing more - are you focusing ranged defense, want more resistance over defense, end drain? I'll try to focus my advice on what you were already doing in the build - ranged defense, good resistances, good recharge. I have a personal preference for heavy ranged defense and Venomous Gas has a good radius for Hovering over enemies.


There are some missed opportunities and oddities in slotting. I'll highlight some areas of improvement.

  • First is endurance management. It's very low, the worst contenders being Voltaic Sentinel and VG. VG has no end red and the Achilles proc is more reliable to go off in Envenom. 
  • The Scourging Blast set is best split into 2 sets of 3 for the recharge bonuses. Gladiators Javelin proc has almost no chance of going off in Lightning Bolt.
  • Sting of the Manticore is better in Zapp for ranged defense and recharge bonuses.
  • Envenom and Weaken need accuracy. Go with something like 3 set Shield Breaker in Envenom. Then do 4 or 6 slot Clouded Senses in Weaken for superior recharge (over Dark Watcher's) and ranged defense bonuses.
  • I'd personally remove all slots from Tough for a Gladiator's Armor mule and don't run it. Charged Armor provides better s/l resistances and gets you out of having to run a toggle.
  • All your holds have procs, but if you want to use them as a 1 slot I'd prioritize accuracy over a proc.
  • You could probably fit in some LotG's and more mules instead of the holds. Like Evasive Maneuvers or Tactic's/Veng.
  • You skip Poison Trap but that is one of the huge benefits of Poison, I'd definitely grab it.
  • Neurotoxic Breath, Paralytic Poison, Antidote, Elixir of Life (this rez has a crash) are all pretty skippable.
  • Musculature Radial is more desirable here for the additional -tohit and end mod.


I'll attach my Beam Rifle/Poison build to show you a more focused direction - it does lack slow resistance. Notice how my slotting in VG emphasizes end red but also manages to boost the -tohit and def debuff potential. Scourging Blast split up goes into long cooldown attacks because the set itself enhances recharge very well. I only bothered with enough resistances to most likely not get 1 shot and my team should save me.

Corruptor (Beam Rifle - Poison)2.mbd

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