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Feature Request: Per Character Emote Settings on Character Select Screen


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Hey all. I'm not sure where the proper place for this post is so I put it here because it's an aesthetics related thing. I had the idea a while back that it would be cool to be able to set an emote for the characters on the select screen to add a bit of personality to it. There was some conversation about how it could be done, but obviously nothing ever came of it. More important things going on and much more limited capabilities at the time I brought it up. It came back to mind recently and I thought I'd mention it again because it really would be nice to have.


Anyway, what do you all think? If there's a specific place for this kind of stuff please let me know.


Edit: I'm blind as a bat. Looked clear over the Suggestions & Feedback board. Woe is me. Please relocate this post. 

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