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Enforced Morale's non-stacking mechanic broken by inherent fitness

Kai Moon

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Issue 13's Enforced Morale uses a quirky non-stacking mechanic not used by other powers. It can't stack with any recharge or movement buffs, above a low threshold. Consequently, Enforced Morale was broken in Issue 19 when fitness became inherent.


In other words, Enforced Morale's movement buffs never apply to other players, because even level 1 players are over the threshold from Swift and Hurdle. See attached screenshot - no movement buff on a brand new, unslotted, level 1 alt.


Additionally, Enforced Morale's recharge buff inconsistently applies to other players, because other players can have recharge buffs from LotG, set bonuses, Hasten, or other buffs. Enforced Morale also checks kMeter for no apparent reason, causing certain ATs in certain states to get no buffs from Enforced Morale except perception.


These quirks lead to confusion because the power's effects are inconsistent and don't match the description.


Suggestion: Remove the kMeter, kRechargeTime, kRunSpeed, kFlySpeed, kSpeedJumping, and kJumpHeight conditions. The design intent appears to be to allow 5 stacks of 5% recharge buff each. There's now a different mechanic to allow up to a certain number of stacks of an effect. Use that instead.


City of Data reference: https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=defender_buff.pain_domination.enforced_morale&at=defender


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