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Retrieve old characters and super groups


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What you have here is amazing.  I played this game for 7 years and loved every minute of it.  I have noticed that the unique names of characters and super group we made back then are currently "not available".  Which leads me to believe that maybe those names, and possibly complete characters and SG bases, are still in the server somewhere?  The name of the SG definitely was still in there and it wasn't common at all.


Is there any chance of retrieving what we made from the old game, or even just getting back the names, from the previous iteration of CoH?


If this has been answered already, I wasn't typing the correct terms in the Search.  Please direct me to that post.  Thank you!



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No, Homecoming is essentially a clean slate in all ways. If a name is not available, someone else has probably nabbed it. As far as supergroups, a fellow former member may have already used it. After 4 years out of hiding it can be difficult to find character names, but just takes some thought, Good Hunting.

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