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Wrong badge awarded


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Did the sister psyche Ourb TF with no power pool limitation selected.  The arc is level 25-29 but recieved the O badge for level 50.  Anyone else have this issue or am I missing something?


I think there was another thread somewhere basically saying that, from live, there was a bug in ouro whereby if you did a mission/TF that normally rewards a badge then you won't get any of the ouro specific additional ones granted for its completion.


Essentially the ouro ones only reward on none badge awarding Missions.


From the Wiki:


Known Issues

Following a discussion with a GM from PlayNC in January, 2009, it would appear that there is a fault in the awarding of some of these badges. If you select a mission which would ordinarily award you a badge (Agent badge etc) then the challenge setting screen should not appear and the mission just played out as normal. The purpose being that challenge badges would not be issued for normal badge missions. The fault lies in the fact that the challenge settings menu does appear and can be altered. The developers are looking into this fault and hope to rectify it soon. The actual report from them is as follows:


The problem you have reported is a known issue and the development team is already working on an appropriate solution. However, we are going to forward your inquiry to our Quality Assurance (QA) department in order to provide the development team with as much information as possible.

Note that badge missions in Flashback do not award Challenge badges. The challenge parameter window should not show when doing a badge mission in Flashback. We apologize for any confusion caused by this.

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