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A pair of minimalist UI options


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Two very small things:


A) I noticed that even with character tags disabled mastermind minions keep displaying their tags, even when one disables the UI, and this is not very neat for screenshots, or even merely immersion. In general it does not make much sense to be able to disable player tags and not minion tags, imho. Probably a new separate option would yield more flexibility, but even disabling them along with player tags would be okay. Alternatively, it could even be a third option for the minion tag option (which currently allows only to display generic or custom name for them, well, let's make also a "no name" option, perhaps?).



B) On a related note, I noticed that the various circles for non-hostile critters, such as the yellow circle around contacts, blue around shops, purple, etc.  cannot be disabled either, creating a similar issue to the above. These are more useful, obviously, but they can be quite annoying in some circumstances. As for the above a separate option or an extra option somewhere would probably be optimal.


Unless there are ways to disable them that I am not aware of I think they would make for two minor but nice options to have, in my humble opinion. Of course it is of minimal priority, but it would be nice nonetheless.


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