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Trigger multiple ambushes at the same time

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One of AE's quirks is that an unguarded captive counts as a completed, even though you haven't rescued him. So the captive will complete itself as soon as you spawn into a map if you set your mission enemy group to "Empty" and the captive surrounding group to "None."


Imagine this scenario: somebody creates an ambush and links it to the unguarded captive. The result? AE will trigger the ambush when that guy enters the map.


Imagine another scenario: you create six unguarded captives and link each captive to an ambush. Link those six captives to a collectible, and you get a booby trap.


There are a few caveats:

  • The ambush spawn location isn't predictable. Sometimes, the ambush spawns right next to you. Sometimes, it spawns next to the exit door. 
  • Keep an eye on the detail limit for each map section. For example, a tiny Praetorian warehouse map supports one detail at the front and middle. Going over the limit may prevent the ambush from starting.


For an example, please check the attached *.storyarc file.


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