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Cannot Select Saved Costumes


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Hello, just your friendly neighborhood super-pal here...


I recently encountered a problem where when I make and save costumes they are successfully saving but when I go to use them they do not appear in the list of loadable costumes.

When I try saving the same costume name, it tells me the file name is already in use and wants to know if I would like to replace it. I've hit no, restarted the game, and tried again...

I've tried replacing the file with a new save... I've tried making new costumes with a different name and they still don't show up in the load screen.


What can I do to make them appear?


P.S. I'd also like to make it aware that I've asked three times in the Support section on the discord and was completely ignored as well. >_>; A person who asked a question directly after me within 5 minutes of my asking got answered though.

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It kind of sounds like your default save and default load locations are not the same. I'll have to look into how that could be possible. What OS are you using Windows, Mac, Linux?


By default, CoH saves costumes into a folder named "costumes" in the same folder as your cityofheroes.exe file in your game directory. The costumes get saved as "whateverinamedit.costume" in that folder. When you hit the button to save the costume, it should tell you that folder right below where you type in the costume's name. One possibility is that you are using too long a name or invalid characters for a file name. Avoid spaces and special characters, try just calling one test and saving it.


Do you see any options in the list when you try to load a costume? If so, make note of a unique name from that list and search your hard drive for it. Also search your hard drive for that costume you saved. Do they both appear in the same directory?

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