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Crashing when loading Night Ward zone


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Hello, I have been having issues with this zone. It seems to be specific to the Night Ward exterior, on PC. If it's relevant, I first got here by using Find new contact to teleport into a building in Night Ward. Upon attempting to exit that building, the game crashed. Any attempt to log on with that character results in the loading screen bar reaching ~95% and then freezing. (little blue circle, program not responding.) I am able to log on with other characters in other zones and have had no other issues playing the game. I have tried turning down graphics settings to minimum, updating my graphics driver (Nvidia) and rebooting my comp.


If anyone has any additional fixes that I might try I would appreciate it, thank you!

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I would try using the " Verify Files " option in the HC Launcher, it may be that you have a corrupt version of the zone that the game can't load.

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