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Energy Melee armchair design

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So I was idly thinking about energy melee and how to make it vaguely more interesting without changing animations or anything (which I heard might not be possible for the current team anyways?). The number one thing wrong that a lot of people have pointed out is that the in game display and calculations the devs used for justifying the animation time count the damage done to the user's self as damage done to an enemy, but it doesn't actually do that damage to an enemy sooo... welp.


That fix aside in the goal of possibly making it more interesting to play I has an idea for adding a charge system:


All your attacks add 1 energy charge if you have less than 3.


Each charge adds flat (enhanceable) energy damage to the attacks. This way it doesn't buff damage auras or speed to the damage cap faster, if each charge added ~5% flat damage to an attack just the EM total damage would increase by ~15% at 3 stacks.


Charges maybe also add a 5% chance per charge to proc a 2 mag stun? Makes it the stun focused set and gives Barrage a 1% chance to stun a boss! (if that boss doesn't have stun protection)


Barrage adds a second stack at .3 seconds (the animation of the second punch), so it's still the worst damage power but maybe has a place for quick buildup.


If you have 3 charges:


Whirling hands consumes charges to add a 100% chance of 1.5 magnitude knock UP for comedy purposes.


Stun consumes your charges to stack a dominator-style second 3 mag stun for twice as long on top of the normal 3 mag stun. Stun now mega stuns instead of being the same as Total Focus but with no damage.


Energy Transfer consumes charges to add a Thunderclap-style 15 foot radius targeted AoE that does meh damage but carries a 75% chance of a 3 mag stun. The idea being it's still single target focused, you're just telling everyone around your target to shut up and wait their turn to be your single target.


Anyways, that's it. Feel free to poop on these idea now or suggest your own.

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For me, Id like to see Energy Melee be a set that does damage, rather than a Melee Controller w/Stuns set, but if the POTB are reluctant to let anything dethrone the One True God Of War that is Titan Weapons, worthwhile stun-based crowd control would at least give it ~A~ hat to wear.

Great Justice - Invuln/Energy Melee Tank

Ann Atomic - Radiation/Super Strength Tank

Elecutrix - Electric Blast/Super Reflexes Sentinel

Ramayael - Titan Weapons/Bio Scrapper

C'len - Spines/Bio Brute

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