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Stalker Incarnate Powers


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Four pages and not a topic on incarnate stuff. Wow, time to fix that. (Because I hit 50 over the weekend and immediately hit Incarnate).


Alpha slot was kind of a no-brainer, it's obviously what helps your build best. But the next 2? Huh, now that's a choice.


Interface - maybe I'm not appreciating the cumulative effect but none of these really blew me away reading them. Is this tier mostly valued for adding a DoT? I could see Reactive being the best one in general but I'm the sort who doesn't like to break power theme and my guy is Psi-Melee, so the fire dot makes me go eh. Then again it might be better to get something like that than the psi dot in Cognitive since I already do a Psi dot with my powerset.


Judgment - most of these seem good. Assuming the damage is comparable I can see getting a random strong hold off from Cryonic or Ion; or stun from Pyronic being helpful; Void's damage reduction also seems helpful, and am I reading paragonwiki right that Vorpal's highest tiers grant a defense buff to the user?


Lore & Destiny seem pretty straight forward, like Alpha what you like seems fine for pets and what will help your team for Destiny seems good.


Hybrid? It looks like Assault would be the clear choice for a stalker or am I missing some subtleties here?





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