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Hello, world. Herein I will document urgent known issues with the game.


7/1/19 - Admiral Sutter TF


We are aware of an issue with the final mission where, on occasion after killing both Durays, the mission fails to complete. We are not certain of the cause. It has been suggested that this might be caused by one Duray getting too far from their combat area, so we would suggest not kiting either of him. If this fails, please let us know using the ticketing system (https://support.homecomingservers.com/). We will be happy to complete any stuck missions.

"We need Widower. He's a drop of sanity in a bowl of chaos - very important." - Cipher

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I have never seen a Sutter get stuck when you kill Primal Duray first. Of course that still might be coincidence. 

Not finishing the TF could  have to do with Praetorian Duray's clones that get lost.

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