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The Rise of Nation


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10... 9... 8... 7...


Anyone from Virtue who ever wanted to play with the idea of a full or nearly fully Mutant based Supergroup founded on the ideas of 'magic bad' and 'mutants good', by all means consider putting together a character for Nation.


This is a fully RP VG who engages in questionable acts, at best, and has lofty and noble goals of freedom and equality and cooperation for all of mutant kind (The Evolved).


Canvas is with us.

Back in Black Agony.

Still trying to decide whether to play on Eternity or Excelsior.

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After much spinning about, yes, it is on Everlasting.

It's built to be a RedGuild, but we may have blue-friends. 


The tone is heroic, but the activities are... definitely not.

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