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Can't Close Options Window


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So I had no issues DL the game and setting up account. But when I open Options to adjust setting I get stuck.     

I can adjust settings but then I can't exit Options. I click Apply but the window stays open. I can't type my password or really do anything with the Option window open.

I only set it to Windowed so I can take a screen shot. Thanks.     


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I just want to say I had the exact same problem so you're not alone overlooking that tiny dot of a close button! I actually task-killed the game after applying my changes to get them to stick, and then saw the tiny close button when I was making an adjustment to my settings days later. It's tiny, it's in a nonstandard place for closing windows, and usually windows like this will have a "done now" button to close them. So it's a nonstandard UI situation.

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