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When and how to get muted


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Apparently moderating iz hurd.


Having a strong opinion gets you muted.  Being insulted and replying in kind gets only the replyer muted, not the one insulting you.  Pointing out that there's stereotyping of blacks in this game gets you muted.


I wanna thank GM_Capocollo for pointing this out to me.  I was afraid that city of heroes was a good game and not full of Progressive interests, like upholding the abuse black male stereotype, or selective moderating for "wrongthink".



I realize now that casting black men like myself into the light of abusive partner is exactly the right thing for massa to do.  I will go home and whup myself in the shed for Massa Capocollo to enjoy now.  I will also make sure that when people talk about min/maxing arbitrarily vs just enjoying this game, only the former happens, never the latter.


I am sure that there are no progressive games journalists in existence that would love to hear how Massa Capocollo is treating his boy jus' right like dey doz in the south.


https://postimg.cc/R34zVRF3 never think, only obey massa.

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