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  1. I warned about stealing sweetrolls for hostile behavior on the same page and it goes to it again. I will steal this thread's sweetrolls at this rate - which means the thread will close from lack of sweetrolls. No more namecalling or insults, please, think of the sweetrolls.
  2. I'm going to start stealing sweetrolls if people don't behave. Please be civil.
  3. Something I could like to note to those discussing the changes here - balancing in an MMO is an eternal struggle, no matter how long you have to do it there's always more to work on, always more to do better. While we do our best to make changes and balance adjustments to enhance the game and further enjoyment for players both new and old, sometimes that means we may make changes that you personally think are not good -- and that's okay. If you don't like the changes we make, that's what these feedback forums are for, to let us know what you think and to offer suggestions and critique! Our dev team does read these things, and takes into account what you say and what you think should be done differently. This game, ultimately, is for you. We enjoy the heck out of it, sure, but a game like this is built on it's community - you! As such we're going to strive to do our best for you, our players. So while we make adjustments and tweaks and ask for feedback, I hope you can understand that what we're doing is not always going to be exactly what every individual person would want - CoH is many things to many people and even in the PvP-verse there are many different opinions on what should happen! We're doing our best to make what we do as good as it can be, but there's always room to improve, and that's why we - and our fantastic dev team - keep at it!
  4. I just purged around nine posts from this thread - if it keeps going off the rails it will be locked as I think nearly all discussion has finished anyway. Our name release policy has not been put into effect yet but it is something we're aware of people wanting and something on our radar. It hasn't been dropped or forgotten, I can assure you of that. As to dealing with military/other employments where other people have mentioned, it would be an exceedingly difficult thing for us to verify requiring either unreasonable volunteer hours and/or requiring the divulging of private information that wouldn't be something you generally want to just pass out - military IDs and the requisite verification is sensitive information, after all. I do not think we will have exceptions to the policy (though do not take my word as law here, merely an observation on my part rather than policy decisions) so I would not advise planning for that eventuality. In any case, please avoid getting too heated in your discussions. This is a valid topic of conversation, absolutely, but resorting to sniping at each other doesn't serve the purpose in advancing any commentary or conversation. Enjoy your weekend!
  5. Please maintain civility. I've had to hide a number of posts here. Please remember this is for feedback, arguments are not necessary and conflict is not constructive.
  6. We need a Jimmy patron power - its top power would be 'The Foorls', which drops targeted NPCs through the floors and instakills them. These all look awesome, though!
  7. Remember to keep it civil, everyone! Thank you for contributing to the discussions, though. We do read over a lot of these and are absolutely aware of some of the more...frustrating aspects of the older missions (and even some of the newer). City of Heroes was released back in 2004, which is a HECKIN' long time ago as far as I'm concerned! As such we're bound to have some elements in the game that are legacy, and haven't received a polish in quite some time. We are certainly working on getting those elements buffed and shined up to a better state, but...well, the game is quite large! There's a lot to do! I, for one, never really enjoyed escort missions or 'stop X from escaping!' all that much either, but then I played Defenders and Masterminds all the time so my ability to lock things down was severely limited! Thank you for the feedback, though might I suggestion the Suggestions & Feedback forum next time? It might be better suited towards such discussions.
  8. Hello, everyone! I wanted to start by saying that this list is not a complete accounting of all the suggestions in this forum, this is an effort on my part to curate some suggestions given to me in other forms and formats, and to promote neat ideas that players (and even staff!) have come up with that are a bit within my purview as a rep for the Roleplay community. If you have roleplay suggestions that you think might not warrant an entire forum post, you might drop them here, or if you think it’d be something you’d like me to take a peek at, too! I’ll be checking in occasionally and adding things to the list as we go, so keep an eye on this thread if you want to see what’s been added! I’ll add personal notes of my thoughts on the suggestions, underneath each. Please note that anything shown or not shown here does not mean it will or will not be considered – these are merely ones I am observing myself! The list so far! Trigger invasion events for player-run events This is an interesting concept – this would largely be just activating an otherwise ‘random’ or timed event at a time when a roleplay event is being run by a group to coincide with whatever storyline they have going at the time! Pull league groups into an AE map This one surprised me! I hadn’t considered the implications here, but right now you have issues getting league-size people into an AE map, and largely the suggestion revolved around group RPs that have large numbers of players using a large map, like the Ruined Atlas map for group combat RP and the like. Narrate for AE arc RPs This one can technically be accomplished by the story leads at the time using team chat/local chat with something like [Positron]: Blah, but it’s a neat concept if they want to see the actual NPCs chat a bit. New invasions/redo old invasions This one somewhat applies outside of the RP community too, and ties into the suggestion above – people liked some of the old invasions or want to see ones triggered more often for specific things. Events and the like that were hosted on live but haven’t shown back up since. I like it! Larger descriptions The current description limit of 1023 characters is quite a bit limiting, so seeing it expanded to allow for larger descriptions with more detail would be just a generally nice quality-of-life change that would let people be more creative and descriptive with their character’s bio! Bio editor bug fixing There are some issues with the bio editor at the moment, a bug-fix sweep would be quite welcome. GM line drop/appearance at player events This one would be fun! This would be, for example, a story event being run by players where a hero/villain might show up and say a few lines, sass some people, or generally appear for the sake of the story to enhance it. It could be a lot of fun! Weekly-change/etc callouts and chatter by quest giver NPCs This one surprised me as well – I genuinely hadn’t thought of this! As our weekly targets change, a GM could call out as that character in LFG and other methods to seek help from willing heroes/villains, as well as chat with players as they collect the mission from the quest giver! They could congratulate successful teams, offer advice, and generally breathe some life into the existing story arcs by providing input from their spot. Add a Bouncer role to SGs to boot people out of a base With public SG bases come people who are going to try to cause trouble. With that in mind, giving SGs the ability to boot people out who are causing problems would be nice, as the only other option right now is to completely kick out everyone, rather than selectively. This would be a good quality-of-life enhancement for everyone, not just roleplayers! Add an option for variable chat range When you start roleplaying in places like Pocket D or in big SG bases, it can quickly become very hard to keep track of who you're talking to because of how wide the /local range is. Perhaps an option to reduce local range? Or another /whatever option to speak/emote in shorter range like whisper? Dicerolling! Because why not? /rollxdx would be nice.
  9. Please avoid getting too heated, folks, this isn't a Fire farm.
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