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  1. My diet is not balanced around sweetrolls, but it should be. In other news, please do maintain civility. This topic has attracted a few reports, so remember - you're here to debate a topic, not a person. Don't resort to insults or jabs at one another - save that for the PVP arenas. The jab part, I mean, not the insults. Remember, I am always watching, and I will steal your sweetrolls at the first sign of unruly behavior! 😈
  2. Keep in mind there might be some technical difficulties of just making Random Mob X be your pet, I can't imagine that would be just a simple thing to add. A psychic entity like Gravity's Singularity might be interesting, but then that damage type is much more resisted vs psychic damage. Hm. Something to think abou!
  3. I would agree - this topic will be locked to prevent further argumentative situations - but it'll be here for our team to read over if we find it useful for future development!
  4. Debating a topic is not debating a person - focus on the topic at hand and not the person behind it. Keep it civil, people - or I will start stealing sweetrolls 😈
  5. There are plenty of mechanical reasons people have mentioned here that make it difficult - narratively it doesn't make sense either, but the problem with converting the entire game to that kind-of rote system is just... Well, this is a game, and we're trying to make this game appealing and fun - and I think changing everything to neutral-level would make levels feel less...impactful. Suddenly it doesn't matter if you're level 1 or level 50 - you can go anywhere, do anything, and heck the consequences! It comes down to level 1-49 being pointless slog then, where you feel only slightly more p
  6. For my part, I can say that our development team is always looking for ways to improve the game - and while we're more than happy to tweak and update powersets, I would presume (as I'm not on our powers dev team!) that the notion of entirely changing the core functionality of a powerset would certainly ruffle some feathers! Is it something we are going to do? I can't say one way or another - but I can promise you it wouldn't be something we'd ever do just off-the-cuff, the cottage rule might not be in full force anymore but that also doesn't mean we're going to come along and kick over establi
  7. Just a friendly reminder not to get too - as Arbegla put it - 'in the weeds' in this discussion. For my part, this sounds like a nice little tweak. 'They/them' is generally considered the acceptable gender-neutral pronoun and would be more inclusive to our community! Not ever tanker is a dude, after all!
  8. I warned about stealing sweetrolls for hostile behavior on the same page and it goes to it again. I will steal this thread's sweetrolls at this rate - which means the thread will close from lack of sweetrolls. No more namecalling or insults, please, think of the sweetrolls.
  9. I'm going to start stealing sweetrolls if people don't behave. Please be civil.
  10. Something I could like to note to those discussing the changes here - balancing in an MMO is an eternal struggle, no matter how long you have to do it there's always more to work on, always more to do better. While we do our best to make changes and balance adjustments to enhance the game and further enjoyment for players both new and old, sometimes that means we may make changes that you personally think are not good -- and that's okay. If you don't like the changes we make, that's what these feedback forums are for, to let us know what you think and to offer suggestions and criti
  11. I just purged around nine posts from this thread - if it keeps going off the rails it will be locked as I think nearly all discussion has finished anyway. Our name release policy has not been put into effect yet but it is something we're aware of people wanting and something on our radar. It hasn't been dropped or forgotten, I can assure you of that. As to dealing with military/other employments where other people have mentioned, it would be an exceedingly difficult thing for us to verify requiring either unreasonable volunteer hours and/or requiring the divulging of pr
  12. Please maintain civility. I've had to hide a number of posts here. Please remember this is for feedback, arguments are not necessary and conflict is not constructive.
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