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I've been doing a lot of build planning lately and over and over again it's shocking me how easy it is to get everything I want.


I previously stopped playing just as I18 hit due to computer problems, so I was not able to enjoy the benefit of inherent Fitness pool. When I came to this version and found out about the pool changes and that travel powers were available at 4 I just about flipped. (And epic pools at 35!! WOW!) But it didn't really all sink in until I sat down with a planner ready to try to find some things to skip to make room in the build and found I didn't need to. In ye olden days if you took swift or hurdle, health, stamina, a travel pre-req, and your real travel power that was 5 slots eaten up. Now you can skip all of them if you're satisfied with Ninja Run/Beast Run boosted by hurdle AND swift together (so far I am mostly) or just 1 slot if you want a regular travel power. Want to jam in Hasten? No prob.


In fact what I've noticed is if I open up a planner and pick all the higher level powers I want at their minimum level, and then pick the most essential starting powers, all I really need to worry about is what order do I pick the 6-18 level range powers. Literally if you take every power in your primary and secondary you will still have 2 levels (24 and 30) you MUST take pool powers at if you haven't already, and that leaves you with 4 slots for the epic pools.  In fact, if you want to take all powers out of the epic pool it's possible, but you will have to give up on either your 35 or 38 secondary power to do it.


Of course if you want to load up on pool powers you'll have to make some sacrifices, and now that they have 5 powers I think it will be interesting what builds people have that still dip into pools heavily. I am really excited by this flexibility.

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