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Mu Guardian gladiator badge, where to hunt the Mu Guardians


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This gladiator badge is a trophy badge and not an accolades component badge as I recall.


It's description in your badge list will only show question marks and the tracking bar.


You need 100 of them and lieutenant and minion do not count.


So after some testing if you are a solo badge Hunter, set your difficulty to:  solo boss yes and enemy spawn size of 5, or more if you are tough enough. Then get a mission vs arachnos and the MU guardians may spawn in it, or not. Reset the mission as needed



OR since we can now solo taskforces, go start a statesman/Ms liberty task force and check the entire map, especially inside the facility after you go down the ramp. Arachnos are on all the floors and you should find mu guardians aplenty.....and their fellow goons to plow through as well.


Great way to work debt, money, damage received, damage inflicted, as well as Mu guardians.

This mission is also nice if you are hunting toxic tarantulas, rather then patrolling grandville




Go to recluse victory and patrol the arachnos entrance to the zone. My guardians frequently spawn there and hover or fly around the area. The hazards of this is that you can't get too close to the base entrance or the drones get you, and of course other pvp players may interfere. However I found this to be less hazardous then mission one of Ms liberty taskforce.

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