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  1. You're welcome. The way it appears now is that all badges can be obtained by any character, provided you are willing to switch alignment and also go to Praetoria to work the badges there. The badges that you should work on getting immediately are the ones tied to the holiday events. The instant the event comes online, Halloween, Winter and Spring, you need to pounce on those events and work all the badges as fast as possible on as many alts as you want them on as they are still yearly events. After that, farm up some merits and during May you can visit Luna in Ouroborus where she will offer for 100 merits each the previous anniversary badges. Winter Event you can get a jump on if you want to buy candy canes from auction house and then go to the vendor in the ski chalet and while there you can also work the 6 ski badges. The rest of the badges in the game, take your time with.
  2. Nericus

    Fire Chief Badge

    Plus once you get the larger extinguisher and if you have any ice powers....
  3. As I recall, the TF/SF/Trial team requirements were all unchanged prior to shut down. Unless i24 on beta had removed them...
  4. The hero Tutorial is where you can get the Isolator badge for defeating 100 of the contaminated. You can also get it during the Ouroborus Intro arc if you are Hero/Vigilante Breakout Tutorial for redside contains the Jailbird map badge. Any subsequent missions that take you back to this map will not give that badge. But teh redside ouro intro arc should send you back to get it. Avid Reader is from the Praetorian Tutorial, if you aren't Praetorian of origin, then become an incarnate, go through an incarnate trial and then chat with Prometheus until the badge dings. Efficiency Expert Pither: his timed missions are NOT in Ouroborus and never have been. You have to get him as a Grandville contact and succeed at all the timed missions he offers. See my thread in this forum regarding that.
  5. Okay for starters you need to get Efficiency Expert Pither as a contact, so do newspapers and mayhems and run other contacts missions until he is offered, also be L45+ and in Grandville. He offers a 3 mission Story arc called Alone in the Darque and the timed missions. The timed missions are the ones for the badge. However in the midst of them he may switch to the Alone in the Darque arc, however that is only 3 missions so you can knock them out fast. Anyway the timed missions are: Kick Longbow out of base: 4 glowies and 2 bosses, not a defeat all but could turn into one if you can't stealth it. 30 minute timer Beat Sense into Fortunata Iverson: two part mission, part 2 is the one with the timer. 30 minutes. Defeat Iverson and guards. Stealth it Wipe Out Council Base: defeat all and plant a bomb. 30 minute timer Kidnap Diocletian: not a defeat all, just find him and take him to the exit and remove any obstacles. 30 minutes Get info about Malta Group: this is also bosses and glowies only. 2 bosses and 2 glowies but you may find that they are split among different levels of the map. Steal Formula from Crey: back in the day the text for the mission said you would have 30 minutes but the timer was only 15 minutes. The timer was correct and the text wasn't, however when I ran it the text was fixed. So yes you have 15 minutes to find one glowie in a multi level Crey base. here's what to do: stealth to the very last level and click the glowie. Afterwards if you want, go to town on the Crey. It is suggested that you use your base empowerment station for some extra speed and stealth. Important things to remember: 1. he offers the missions in random order but usually the 15 minute one is last, however I said usually not always. Also you may start with the Alone in the Darque Arc or switch to it after one or two of the timed missions. 2. They say if you fail even one of the timed missions you fail the badge. Back in the day I did some experiments on test server with failing missions with some alts and they still got the badge in some cases. However that is PRE-SHUTDOWN info, I have not been able to test to see if that is still the case so just win all the missions. Take no chances, just win them. They aren't that hard, just watch the clock. 3. The timed missions are NOT, I repeat NOT in Ouroborus. His Alone in the Darque arc is, but that is just a standard mission arc with no badge. The timed missions are one time only, you fail the badge and you can never get it. 4. There is no point in forming a team for these missions as the badge is ONLY awarded to the mission owner. This is also explained in the dialogue with Pither when you start this. 5. Stealth and speed will get you through these except for the kidnap and defeat all. If you have an empowerment station in your base it could be useful.
  6. I have them all, they should all be blue side, do not remember the levels but they are in Ouro. As to being called Task Set....eh. They are new badges as of ish 24/25 and they probably didn't know what to call them when they made the badge checklist. Perhaps this will help you with one of them: https://youtu.be/i5ilIuROFiw
  7. True but the general design of the face, his confusion with new tech, using terms like hooligan...... eh, could just be a matter of interpretation
  8. Ran this the other day.......You ahve to go back to 1963 or 1964 and defeat President Marchand for Lord Recluse to take over. I hadn't ran this in years so I did a double take when I saw Marchand.......is it my imagination or is there a resemblance to Stan Lee?
  9. Yes, at the moment you can get candy canes from the auction house or possibly the winter themed Super Packs. Get some candy canes and go visit the elf in the Ski Lodge. Between that and the 6 ski slope badges, I only need to wait to gather presents and defeat the Winter Lord, Lord Winter and the boss of the winter mission (I forget her name), and snaptooth 5 times.
  10. Yeah when I first battled them I was locked in Ouroborus TF mode, heard the alert and came into the battle but was nearly done with the mission arc and didn't want to abort/restart it. Ran an LGTF earlier today and rounded up an invasion league to spawn all 10 heavies and then some 🙂
  11. Correct, they are missions/arcs you can access in Ouro.
  12. Going by memory and a quick check of paragonwiki, we have 1. Zombie Event: when it is not Halloween the vent is still triggered, Per the Wiki it is apparently when halloween costume salvage is redeemed or when the Katie TF is completed or the Virgil Tarikoss SF. 4 badges to get from it, 2. Nemesis Invasion: part of an anniversary event and later triggered on occassion. Badge obtained when Nemesis himself arrived and was defeated. NO apparent way to trigger this 3. Rikti Invasion: triggered when LGTF is completed, target zone is random. Badge for Rikti that beam into battle (100), badge for 25 bombs and badge for 10 Heavy Suits. I have been in a few of these and do not yet see a badge tracker for the Heavies, bugged? So, any way to trigger the Nemesis attack? Or can we have the Nemesis event active soon? 🙂
  13. For some time after shutdown, efforts were made to buy the game and NCSoft allegedly came to the table and then basically walked away after apparently stringing the talks along. NCSoft clearly doesn't care much about CoH any longer, imo. Also with private servers being very possible, the game cannot truly perish. As to how much I trust NCsoft, well.......perhaps we should ask Richard Garriott how he feels about them.....
  14. How about the Remembers their friends badge in the next mission? Vincent Ross' arc must have been completed already but is their anything else that needs to be done? EDIT: Finally got to run the arc after using Ouro to do Vince and Dean's arcs Before starting the arc I visited Vincent and he did speak with me and there was an option for me to check him to see if he was a disguised Protean. After that I started the arc, but he wouldn't speak with me again and did appear for me to rescue. So, was it just that I had done his arc, or did I also need to speak with him? Will test again later to find out.
  15. The Magisterium iTrial Final fight against Tyrant for fate of Praetorian and Prime Earth Ready to Rumble. Defeat black swan in the first eight minutes of the trial. Bring th debuffs and bring the dps, rip through all enemies and the three av, fast, faster, fast as your league can Shadow Master. Black Swan must never open all six portals simultaneously, designate three to six players to smash the portals then they help smash black swan Triple Threat defeat chimera, nega penndragon, shadow Hunter all within five seconds of the first of three being defeated. Tricky but I have had the most luck by gettting the league to coordinate and get them to 2 percent each then taking out chimera first then the other two. Also do not bother trying to get this badge and ready to Rumble in the same run. The Hard Way. Defeat Tyrant without destroying more then twelve of the light columns. Enemy of the State. Win the trial. All badges you qualify for award at the end. Master badge, get all the above badges The Really Hard Way. Defeat Tyrant without destroying any of the columns of light. Now there are those that think this is the toughest badge in the whole game get. To be honest, I feel that it is definitely in the top ten list of tough badges, along with the no defeat/no temp mo badges in the TF/SF, and perhaps the av badges on recluse victory. However the debate of the toughest badge to get is best reserved for another thread. Want a strategy for the really hard way? Try the following: 1 assemble a full league and make sure all understand which badge you are going after then request that if any feels not up to the task to quit league before you start. 2 bring the dps and debuffs, also if some in the league have t4 diamagnetic radial in their interface which inflicts Regen debjff with their attacks or an interface that gives extra damage over time, great 3 before launch all league members go to Luna in Ouroborus and spend some threads to get 4 to 6 ultimate inspirations, plus some of the super damage boost inspirations. Also your character ingame email box makes a great pez dispenser for inspirations. Load it with some purple's, reds, greens.... 4. Now the entire league goes to pocket d to visit the vip vendor and purchases their temp upgrades to damage amd defense 5. Destiny power: try to have about six or more with barrier. Then juggle league roster to that you have a barrier team. Do the same for rebirth and incandesence them if anyone has ageless mix them into the rosters of the team. Clarion....not all that required for this. Also you really want the bulk of the league as plus 3 incarnates, if you a get a couple of plus one or two, make sure they get ultimate insps and damage boosters. 6. Start the trial, do NOT use ultimates at all until the final fight. With you damage upgrade from vip and some super damage insps you can tear through the trial and quickly get to the final fight. Who knows, shadow Master and ready to Rumble badges may be won by some that don't have them yet. 7 Lore pets, do not use them at all until the fight, not debateable. Also you really want to make sure that as many in the league as possible are using the longbow lore pets for their regen debuff and damage Lore pets are not to be summoned until after the cutscene and before any buffs are applied as you want buffed pets. So summon lore, buffentire league plus lore, pop an ultimate inspirations and some damage boosters. Someone with incandesence, preferably t4 radial, warps the league to appea behind tyrant Commence your attack. Full fire power hold nothing back and no one destroys the light columns at all Maintain barrier, make sure the barrier team is coordinating the usage and rotation of castng barrier. When he calls down the lightning, get out of the way and your barrier boosted defens help. You drop, hospital, popan ultimate and returm to the fight. After the lightning incandesence again warps and everyone to tyrant, preferably behind him Repeat attack plan shown above Do this right, bring the dps and debuffs and watch tyrant melt like ice in lava. Oh by the way, did you know that the quills power can be given to others just like the grenades in lamda? Something to think about if you want the minimize the chance of a griefer sabotaging this.
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