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  1. We have the number of servers that we currently use due to all the lag crashes and overloads that occurred when the game returned. 1. Some of the excitement has faded a bit but many people still play and have fun 2. Donations are met in hours of donations being turned on. 3. All servers have their peak times and finding teams isn't that difficult 4. Perhaps the admins should encourage one server as pvp, another as the role-playing server, one as a villain themed server, and there others as the general servers. But server merging? No, we are no where near that point at all.
  2. As soon as you transfer to another server, make an alt on the server you just transferred from with the character name so that it's still yours. Then transfer back, delete the secondary alt and rename your original alt back
  3. Nericus

    Kallisti Whar

    Zone was not finished before the lights went out.
  4. Yes this arc to me feels like it was meant to be an upgrade to the previous, then they kill statesman and pasted positron into it. I like the original better.
  5. I enjoy that the badge is also a Star trek Easter egg and that there is also a Babylon 5 Easter egg in the arc as well.
  6. Best way to upgrade base teleport, pocket d teleport and solo mission transport power is to make them like the ouro portal. Open portal, click portal and zone!
  7. Well as I understand US trademark laws, it's ten years then it's use it or lose it. Unless the owner files renewal/intent to use and pays the fees. Once that is done, if they are not actively using the trademark the clock is still set to ten years. Some companies renew for sake of retaining the trademark, some actually use them. We shall see. Example of a trademark issue; marvel comics circa 1967 obtained the captain marvel trademarks and made their own character. DC owns Shazam, the original captain marvel but cannot publish anything titled captain marvel but can call him that in the books. However they just now call him Shazam
  8. They won't sell, it has been tried at least two times to purchase and ncsoft allegedly/likely strung out the talks and then said no sale. The game was making profit, but in Asia the game wasn't loved as much as it is here so they killed the golden goose despite the fact the eggs were still gold. They won't admit they screwed up and alienated many gamers. Plus the code is out there for people to o absorb, preserve and launch their own servers and is a bit of a coders nightmare, would the value should be low.. But they won't sell.
  9. So right now can the tip missions be done blueside? Or is it just redside?
  10. For 2020 1. Keep playing CoH 2. Ncsoft talks conclude, we get their blessing, they take a flying leap. 3. Play more CoH
  11. Nericus

    Isolator Badge

    Yeah they still have that, but that is the pre Ouroborus method. Just repeat the ouro arc.
  12. Paragonwiki has the history badges listed and a page that shows which badge needs which plaques.
  13. Hmm....perhaps turning his timed missions into a strike force that is unlocked after you do his regular arc? By making it a strike force that can be repeated like the others that would give people that have technical troubles and crashes the ability to try again.
  14. Now for the other question, when is the launch date of the spring event? I wouldn't be surprised if it's on Valentine's day
  15. Paragonwiki is in stasis lock. They have no plans to make changes for any post shutdown adjustments to the game. That being said said it is still a good place for issue 1-23 info, a few things were not completed including ish 24 data prior to shutdown.
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