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  1. As I recall weren't merits boosted for the content? Old positron task force has a nice payout that I am sure is higher then it used to be. Perhaps the vip vendor can offer a double merit booster that lasts for an hour buy up to eight hours worth just like the xp boosters but inf is either halved or zero for the duration
  2. Just AE to 50 slot up then go back and run the Tfs as they are level capped, and use ouro to travel back to the lower level content that you want to run. You'll be powered down to the appropriate level and can run the content There is no right way, no wrong way and no one and only way to play this game.
  3. It has always been my experience that there are less then 50 costume powers and that the same costume can drop at any time and count towards the badge. Keep door clicking you will get it.
  4. Be advised that in the arc that would give the badge, if you saved the detective earlier he will be in the badge mission lying on the ground and there is no npc dialogue from him as you get close so you will need to check all bodies you come across until you find him
  5. Oddly he is not showing in my contacts despite having done his arc in ouro. Ah well I have all the other DA badges via ouro so I can just turbo through the missions in DA to unlock him Thanks.
  6. I'm seeking for his badge also. Before I start his missiions, what is the name of the mission? I'd hate to go past it and not realize it was the one since I don't think it's in ouroborus. Also to make sure, I complete that mission and then setup and run a DD incarnate trial? Seems like a bit of a long walk for a badge.
  7. More like it should be 1512 for those that aren't at events where GM's may spawn some special event Giants to take down, such as Cold as Ice and lady of Winter🙂
  8. Me neither, hence my question. 🙂 Was wondering if you had been in one. So......does that event still happen? is it in the future or was the badge adjusted to be obtained some other way?
  9. What about the badge for nemesis invasion event?
  10. Well his birth name was Stanley Lieber and when he wrote his first story for captain America comics he shortened it for journalistic reason to Stan Lee. However I am unclear if he later made it a legal name change or if the name was more of a pen name that just stayed with him
  11. Yes and wolverine is an animal and black widow is a spider. But also the default appearance of the claws power is wolverines claws.... But since the legality of these servers is still questionable and ncsoft could still drop the hammer on them and shut us down would it not be better to err on the side of caution and implement a list of copyright names into the system to prevent them from being chosen by players and sending a friendly message to those who DO have such names to rename them for the skae of server survivability? I would think most players would be understanding even if they didn't like it. We all want our copycat characters but we all want the game more, right?
  12. Well what I posted stems from a private chat I had regarding a character of mine that I had on live with no problem, and want to fully restore here. So as I understand it, tribute characters that resemble but are not copies in costume or name should not be a problem. Example, naming a character Sister Psyche shouldn't be allowed but a character that somewhat looks like her and called Madame Psyche or Miss Psyche should be cool. Step Sister Psyche might be pushing it. Making a character called Statesman shouldn't be allowed but after his demise the tribute characters arose. I remember seeing Statesman 3000, statesman Prime, Praetorian Statesman, Empowered Statesman and so forth. All in costumes inspired by States including the Statesman helmet, but exact copies then and now can't be done. Ncsoft never seemed to object. Also back in the day didn't the game have a list in the database of copyright character names that would be marked as unavailable if someone tried to use it? If so, perhaps that needs to be reinstated by the staff or else implemented anew by the staff.
  13. Well Warcraft installed a tribute of an elderly man named Stanley that walks around says excelsior, fades away and spawns again later. Didnt they also add a tribute to Robin williams with assorted Mork items on the ground and a lamp with a genie that emerges? Obviously the genie does not look like the Disney one as that would be bad. Also didn't the original rules back in the day frown on copies of celebrities or am I in error?
  14. The way I understand it is this Tribute characters that resemble a copy right character in name and appearance should be fine Direct copies in name and appearance are not fine. So if I make a shield using character named Commander USA and he wears red white and blue, as long as the costume isn't a direct match of captain America, then that character should be ok.
  15. Unless there was a change, no.
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