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  1. Yeah once you have Lorekeeper badge that mission is open. Easily stealthed,. Take down boss in mission one, get glowie in next.
  2. Ah, the memories. I did similar runs back on live with the arena. For any that think the damage received or heal badges are bad now, I remind everyone to look at the old requirements for them prior to the issue 13 badge revamp. I believe 2 billion was the amount as I recall.....
  3. Buck Rogers,. Time to get the original sci-fi adventurer back on the screen. Also please include a cameo of a destroyed Twiki the robot Flash Gordon RoboCop vs the Terminator
  4. This is the first major outage in the two years HC has been around. Would you rather go back to the seven years of no game at all?
  5. Well, vidiot maps does have the locations marked since live, I would suggest the following 1 event messages on 2 long range teleport linked to KR 3. Fly power with the now integrated afterburner Once you teleport into the zone, one site is near the base portal, the other two are equidistant Only problem I have had is correctly guessing which site. 🙂
  6. Precisely. I think they were meant more for base raids. Though I do drop a nuke sometimes in a Respec trial.
  7. Going off memory here but I think the nemesis invasion ran during anniversary month back in the day, which is May as I recall. The game returned last May but we were all starting over and rebuilding alts. So with luck May 2020 is Nemesis invasion time Also aren't we due for a month of rikti invasions?
  8. Interesting.....makes sense given that the DD trial can end in fail if enough people screw it up....and I do not know what would happen to that badge mission if the mission holder was on a trial that failed
  9. Wait, what? Auto completing that mission awards the badge?
  10. Use the lava on the trapdoor mission of the arc where unlock your incarnate powers or ouroborus Maria Jenkins arc again Before entering lava, enter rest mode, eat about 20 break free insps then walk into the lava
  11. Lava soaking can work but you really need to be careful that your rest/regen is constantly outpacing the lava, or have a secondary account character with fully slotted up since target heal set to auto fire on you Same if you use mutliple enemies to attack you at once
  12. Trying to remember from the old days,...I had a praetorian origin character that is in rebuild mode now. The badges you get every 10th level I think are renamed, some of the damage received, heal and hold badges may have alternative names Defeat badges I believe are not changed for praetorians, Tf/SF/incarnate trial badges aren't changed either.
  13. Hmm kinda reminds me of the old transformer animated movie "why settle for a peak when you can see everything from lookout mountain"
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