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Just wanted to say....thanks


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Like the title says.  I just wanted to say thank you to the guys/gals who run this.  I started playing CoH in 2004 and loved it from day 1.  I had to leave (work commitments) but came back as soon as I found out about this homecoming server.  Ive encountered the most positive community of any mmo since ive been back (everyone has their own experience but mine has been positive).  Ive reconnected with friends I havent talked to in years (other than facebook) but the game has brought us back into direct contact through discord etc. 


Ultimately I have no idea how to reach the actual people hosting this but...thank you.  To the community...thank you.  I'm so happy this game/place exists.


Indomitable: Dirtywork (50)


*edit: I just realized there is a sticky for this, but still. it cant be stated enough by those of us who love this game.  THANK YOU!!!!*

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