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Would this be do-able? Ingame method of moving characters between servers.

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This is an idea i'd suggested on the old game forums before the shutdown: How about making a way, in game, to transfer a character from one server to another? First you would need to code a "Server transfer" function that could transfer a character from one server to another (accessing shards in the same server cluster, picking which one the character wants to go to, then moving the character while the player is logged off.) Then setting it up as a mission, probably in the Shadow Shard. Make a portal to give access to the shard from the villain and Praetorian areas as well so any character could be transferred. Upon completing the mission, it would log the player off to the Server Selection screen and transfer the character, assuming there is a blank character slot in the receiving server. The mission would be described as altering the character's quantum frequency to match the new dimension, so when they return from the shadow shard they wind up in the new dimension.

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