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Vigilance Defender Inherent Suggestion

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I'd argue that Vigilance is the weakest of the inherent powers. The damage buff is not enough to make a real impact and the endurance reduction isn't enough on its own. Rarely does a team wipe because the defender didn't have an extra seven endurance points to drop their tier 9.


I would propose that this be changed to an endurance reduction and a recharge reduction, scaling as they do now. Cooldowns are a primary issue with most builds, so a defender being able to rush out that extra fulcrum shift or freezing rain would be of much more value than an extra 30 damage in a losing battle. If things are going badly, they've probably exhausted all their big hitters so having them come up quicker would be much more impactful than having slightly more pew pew.


Alternatively, Beta Decay's recharge reduction effect that scales to the number of enemies could be a good model to follow; the more you're up against, the more effective you become.


It would help defenders do what they're best at and help them stand out from the support crowd. Defenders are the most powerful force multipliers, so I think their inherent should reflect this and I think this would be a good solution.

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