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Looking for an RP Supergroup for my character. Hefty backstory included


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My character's a modern/bronze age hero, a defender TA/Archery type.


Here's the backstory.


Despite her family's affluent lifestyle, Blindspot was a young woman who dreamed of adventure, taking in stories of daring-do and bravery wherever she could find them and training in archery and fencing to emulate some of the more classic heroes from her books.


Her father, a wealthy businessman from Val Verde, begrudgingly caved to his tomboy daughter's demands that she join him on a trip overseas. Unfortunately, danger and destiny came knocking, arm in arm with death.


Val Verde is an very unstable nation, beset by rebellion. One such rebel group, believing (correctly) that Blindspot's father as funding a rival group, snuck a bomb onboard the man's private jet, which detonated when the craft was overseas.

By some miracle, Blindspot survived- But not without cost.

She was injured, exposed, and completely blinded, stranded on a remote island off the maps with no supplies.


Forced to think on her feet and try to come to terms with her new lack of sight, she was able to survive off of coconuts, learning to climb without sight, and eventually, as her hearing grew more aware, hunting with spears and snares.


Little did she know she wasn't alone. All this time, the masters of the island watched her, mulling what to do with her. They were the Order of Cain, a secretive group of assassins that used the island as a means of training new recruits.


Taking the young woman into custody, the master assassin gave her a choice- Struggle in the wilds until she ran out of coconuts, went mad and died, or be trained however she could to be of use to the Order, in return for food and water.


Being taught to improve her other senses over three years, the young woman's aptitude for the bow and sword returned to her. She was given her first mark to assassinate, to 'blood' her before she was unleashed upon the world.


The arrow was knocked and loosed by the time the victim screamed her name. The voice was her own father, whom she had believed killed in the explosion. Enraged and heartbroken, the woman fought her way out of the fortress,  killing her instructor in the process, and forced a dockman to hijack a boat back to the mainland not long after.


Returning to her family estate to find it devastated by a civil war that raged in her absence, Blindspot fled to America, taking up her bow and arrows against the criminal underworld in Paragon.


She took the name Blindspot because of a twofold reason-

To be the figure that attacks an opening in a criminal network, and to remember her failures in her father's final moments.


She's a stoic, professional woman who pushes herself to exhaustion fighting the forces of crime that rule the backstreets of her new home. She always has an arrow ready to hit them from where they can't see.




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