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Nature Power Selection


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I'm rolling up a Nature/Beam defender and need to cutout a few powers to get everything else I want. In Nature, the lowest hanging fruit seems to be:


Lifegiving Spores: I took this for the early game, but am considering respecing out of it. The minor HoT doesn't seem fast enough for the late game and the 1.00% endurance it returns every couple of seconds is very minor. I plan to build for perma Overgrowth and that will be much better endurance support. Can I cut this one?


Rebirth: Single target rez's are situational (someone has to die) but this one is also a large heal. It's on the cooldown of a rez though, at 3 minutes, and not sure I want to invest the slots to get the recharge down to be able to use it as a reliable heal.


Entagling Aura: I've never been a fan of mez auras unless you're building to stack magnitude with something else, which I am not. The endurance cost is too high and it's really only enough to reliably hold minions and those die in the blink of an eye anyway. I'm 99% sure I don't need this.


Should I change my mind on any of these three?

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You're not wrong about Entangling Aura, since it's effectively the same as Rad's Choking Cloud and you'll find a rare person who runs it and uses it to great effect.  But about Rebirth: Generally, if a support set has a rez, you take the rez, even if it's single-target because accidents happen and you can just put a recharge enhancement in it and call it a day.  That it can do anything aside from picking people up off the ground is a bonus.


...and Lifegiving Spores is something that I was wondering about, too.  From all reports it's more of a scratch damage kind of heal and endurance recovery that you can use to keep people topped off in long fights, and people who use it seem to like it.  Plus you can use it to kind of direct where you want people to stand.  It's kind of like a Triage Beacon or Spirit Tree except you can pack it up and take it with you.


(Plus it's also, y'know, not garbage.)

As a Scrapper main I eat a steady diet of crayons and glue to keep my wits sharp and my reflexes honed.

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