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Model Replacement Costume Powers

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These were typically the rewards for the Halloween trick-or-treat event.  They replaced your character model with a villain group NPC.  Some of them were available on a permanent basis via the Paragon Market (Knife of Artemis, Malta Gunslinger, etc.) but I notice they're not included with the new P2W vendors.  The shapeshifting travel powers are there but these aren't.  Are they not available in the current build and, if not, are there any plans to add them back in the future?


Here's the full list of them in case anybody's not familiar: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Model_Replacement_Costume_Powers

You wanna play Peacebringer?😒  Fine, but at least check out this guide first: Peacebringers STILL SUCK!!! (v. 1.1)

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