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Anyone have a MA/WP build?


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Been toying around with one for a couple of days and I'm liking it quite a bit. I have reached lvl 25 (impressive for me considering my chronic altitis). So now I'm thinking about the build more long term. I looked around and couldn't find anything here specifically for a MA/WP brute.


Any builds and/or suggestions are most welcome.





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I've got to lvl 38 now. Last night I spent about 100 million on some IO sets. I have to say I am really loving this so far. The damage seems great and the regen is amazing. I was running around Founders squashing purps and my health bar barely ever moves, like not even a smidge. Even when fighting a +3 or +4 Lt with 3 +3 minions. Only a +4 Boss made me reach for a green insp, and even then it wasn't super life threatening. I have the two Brute sets slotted and Sirroco in Dragon's Tail. Another set (name escapes me right now) in Quick Recovery and another in High Pain Tolerance. I have another IO set in Focus Chi, etc. But I still have about half of my stuff with on level SO's. I still have about 140 million to spend on this build, but I need to plan a bit more.


Right now I am loving it. I feel like a tank, but one that can deal lots of damage. It's a pretty big endurance hog, though. Even with all my built in recovery, I am still a slave to the P2W recovery serum. Without it, I would run out of end, for sure. But I just make sure I swing by Atlas Park every now and then and drop a couple million on recovery serums and I'm good to go. Curious to see how this pans out. I am not experienced at planning builds. My planning consists pretty much of this:



oh that looks nice...buy now!



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Although I am enjoying this alt, I would still appreciate any tips for WP or MA that anyone might feel like sharing. Tips on powers to avoid (if any, other than the rez--I never take any rez), slotting recommendations, etc?



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