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epic pool for a water/time


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So I have hit 35 and find myself a little stuck. I have a water/time blaster who is working very nicely but she needs to pick an epic pool.


Ice is obvious, but I'm not sure how graphics-heavy the frozen armor is - walking around like an ice block all the time is somewhat unattractive. I'm very used to the fire pool and fire shield but noticed frozen armor is +def, not +res and wasn't sure if that mattered much. I'm also not really sure about how some of the other powers play out. Is snow storm basically a tar pit? That could be useful. (If the test server was up I'd go try it out but...)


Munitions could be a possibility - the armor just works without a lot of mucky graphics and a couple of the other powers could be interesting. The rocket doesn't quite fit concept, but having a sniper might be nice :)


Any helpful thoughts are appreciated.

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