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MinFX request: /Fire Manipulation Cauterizing Aura

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The power effect for Cauterizing Aura really needs a minfx option. While a lot of powers you can set it to "dark" and then go for a really pale graphic, which solves some problems, CA doesn't work that way. It has two separate power glows, one being around your character, and the other pulsing at your feet. If you set the one around your character to be pale/almost invisible, it turns the pulses around your feet bright, glaring white. And given that it goes off every single second, it becomes really annoying. Especially when you're hovering.


Either set it so that the pulses are the same color as the aura around you (ie, you can make it almost invisible), or just slap a nofx option on it please. I want to play my fire/fire blaster, but having to stare at this constant, pulsing graphic is obnoxious, and gives me a headache.

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