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Warshade - Wrong Attack Typing


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So, noticed this last night: Gravimetric Snare and Gravity Well both flagged in the Detailed Options as "AoE, Negative Energy, Smashing" for their attack vectors.


Gravimetric Snare is a Single Target, Ranged attack and should be: Ranged, Negative Energy, Smashing

Gravity Well is a Single Target, Melee attack and should be: Melee, Negative Energy, Smashing


I created a mini Arc in AE, and created mobs with only Melee, Ranged, or AoE defense and tested, comparing both powers with melee and ranged powers I also had (other blasts and Brawl) - Both are checking against AoE defense, NOT their appropriate defense due to positioning and number of targets.


Unfortunately, I can't get back into my ticket, #799255, so I can't get those combat logs that I copy-pasted.

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