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Bug hunter Badge?


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im not sure if this is still a thing or if there is a "bug fixer" or "trouble shot" badge lol

but I just helped someone fix a bug in the tutorial that had them stuck for a very long time hoping for a GM to log in.

I've always wanted the bug hunter badge and maybe this is my chance(hopefully? please?)

so here's a quick runabout of the situation:

I posted in help to see if any GMs were lurking chat for bugs, ideas or stand-up routine material...ya know, as we do... and someone else sent me a tell saying they needed a GM too and they've been stuck for ages. I said I didn't "need" any assistance, just a passing quality of life idea (text bar in badge window to filter the list a bit). I ask him his issue and his tutorial mission was bugged so I rolled a new toon to try to help. figured, maybe team and I just complete my mission and his gets auto-finished (since he didn't have the option to complete it yet) it was, in galaxy city tutorial map, when you train up by speaking to fortunate after choosing villain. he had learned a new /command and that's what bugged him. /enterbasewithpassword (or something like that)

my idea didn't work, but he told me about the command and that's what bugged him out..training at the sg base. I figured, whatever. I rolled the toon to help him anyway so I typed it in and it worked, we got on team and exited back to the tutorial. sure enough, I trained with the fortunate and he was able to complete his mission and said I was his hero (included that part cause it made me laugh..since I rolled a villain :P )

but I thought that was a cool solution to a strange issue and because my idea wouldn't have worked without his suggestion I was thinking and hoping that maybe we could both get the bug hunter badge for it? (or if there is a more appropriate badge, idk)

thank you!

cheers guys, ya'll are great!!!

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This might provide some context:



TL;DR - There is a bug-hunter badge, it was seldom given on live, and we don't know if the Dev's here are going to use it or not...


Regardless,  I appreciate your heroism and give you +1 Inf


EDIT:  And welcome to Paragon City, "Badges...we need those stinkin' badges...so tell us where they are!"

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