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First time dominator help


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Huh. Farming with Dominators can be done, but it's a high-skill activity and I wouldn't recommend it to a first-time Dom player.


However, leaving that issue aside, I have some comments and suggestions:

1: Ice control works best with a debuffing set next to it, so it's better for Controllers.

2: I think that Electric Control works very well in general for Dominators, though I'm not sure about its farming abilities.

3: Fire Control is a good choice for farming, and works fine for both Doms and Controllers. I would suggest it's better for Controllers since they can use its high damage more than Dominators, who already have a damage set, but it still works fine for Dominators.

4: You want an AoE secondary for farming, and I like Earth Assault for two AoEs that you can fire in the middle of the mobs (with knockdowns and Stuns to add), and Martial Assault which also has multiple AoEs that can be fired in point-blank range, and which also knocks down mobs around you. Of the two, Earth Assault has Power Boost which helps you defensively and helps Electric (if you go with that) drain Endurance faster, while Martial has Toxic Blades which increases your damage output.

5: Other good farming sets are Rad and Thorns, since their -Def helps you hit more. Psychic Assault has Drain Psyche, which is excellent defensively, but its damage output is not so great.

6: Plant Control is also a good farming set since Seeds of Confusion is available to shut down every spawn and turn it to fighting against itself. Pair it up with Rad Assault or Thorns, and not only are the mobs attacking each other, but now they hit more often, too.


Personally, if I were to farm, I think I'd consider Fire, Electric, or Plant primary, and Earth, Martial, Rad, or Thorns secondary.

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