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/Poison vs /Trick Arrow for Arena and Zones?


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It seems like zombies, thugs, and robotics and demons would be the top pet choices. While Poison and TA would be the top two pvp choices for secondaries. Which combination would be the strongest?


Zombies get -Tohit which would be nice for 1v1 situations. Zombies/Poison gives you a self heal from the primary which helps make up for poisons lack of a self heal. I suppose the same would apply to TA since TA also lacks a self heal. 


Thugs get Gang War and are pretty strong. Thugs/TA leaves the MM without any self heal but might make up for it if they can  slow the enemy down a bit better to synchronize with Gang War? 

- would Thugs/Poison have any benefit over TA that I’m not seeing?


Robots have more AoE which I guess is cool for pvp content. And they are mostly ranged so they can probably hit more often in pvp. Poison feels like it would be a bad choice since it’s so single target focused and wouldn’t take advantage of robotics AoE potential. Would Robotics/TA   be better for PvE where enemies are closer together?


Demons have some advantages with their different damage types, but I don’t know much about them. 



Sorry Ninjas, Mercs and beasts, you tried. 



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