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  1. Try using auto cast to your advantage to get 2 powers with 1 click. I do this to cast double RAwith my Empathy, double flare with peacebringer, etc. Yours would look like this /bind q “powexec_auto aim$$powexec_name build up” this should cast cast build up first and then set aim to auto cast second. I’m not sure when one recharged faster, but i would make sure that one is on the far right. In the example above, build up recharged faster so it makes sense that i would only be activating build up and if Aim comes up within the next few seconds it will auto cast. But then you want to be able to swap your hasten back to auto so do you something like.... /bind 2 “powexec_auto hasten$$powexec_name flares” granted hasten then switched off of auto cast each time you use flares but I think to get the idea. You could also do macros with /powexec_toggleon or /powexec_toggleoff which has no limit, you just click the same button over and over to activate all your shields. /bind 5 “powexec_toggleon Fire shield$$powexec_toggleon plasma shield$$powexec_toggleon$$powexec_toggleon flaming aura” but when you get to macro chains that long you need to use a text file, as mentioned above. Or take out the underscores _ because they are pseudo spaces and are not required. You could also bind follow to one of your attacks to close the gap. I like to do this for melee characters but I always have at least heal other or a ranged attack set to follow my target. /bind 1 “follow$$powexec_name haymaker” again, you could add auto casts while you follow to buff you or to follow up with more damage, but you have to mess around with the binds a lot of the time to get them perfect. Theres aldo +down that you can do as mentioned above, but this requires you to hold the key down until the first cast is complete. Theres es also ways to auto cast pets to summon at your feat, auto select dead bodies, etc. Binds are awesome! I’m trying to get a good bind and macro tutorial made and uploaded under the username SP Jimmy in YouTube so be sure to check that out.
  2. The problem is you’re trying to bind a key twice in the same command. Why? They need to be their own command. Here I will fix them for you. /bind g “powexectoggleon Bright Nova$$gototray 4” /bind shift+g “powexectoggleon White Dwarf$$gototray 5” /bind f “powexecname White Dwarf Sublimation$$powexecname reform essence”  (This will make f cast either heal depending on your form and which power is available. /bind v “powexectoggleoff Bright Nova$$powexectoggleoff White Dwarf$$gototray 1” Now that’s just the working version of what you had posted. Let me show you some cool things you can do with setting powers to auto and doubling up heals and flares. Keep in mind that you can change the keys and trays but this is my 1-9 Numpad. Shift to Nova and go to Tray 8 (Nova powers), sets Gleaming Bolt to auto cast (Click again to disable auto cast) /bind numpad1 "powexec_toggleon bright nova$$powexec_auto gleaming bolt$$gototray 8" Drop both forms and go to Tray 1 (Human powers). Toggles on Combat Flight and auto casts Hasten /bind numpad2 "powexec_toggleoff bright nova$$powexec_toggleoff white dwarf$$powexec_auto hasten$$powexec_toggleon combat flight$$gototray 1$$" Drop both forms, cast Inner Light and set Light form to Auto Cast. /bind numpad3 "powexec_toggleoff combat flight$$powexec_toggleoff white dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff bright nova$$powexec_auto light form$$powexec_name inner light$$gototray 1" Shift to Dwarf and go to Tray 9 (Dwarf powers), sets Glinting Eye auto cast (Click again to disbable auto cast) /bind numpad4 "powexec_toggleon white dwarf$$powexec_auto glinting eye$$gototray 9" No auto cast. /bind numpad4 "powexec_toggleon white dwarf$$gototray 9" Drop both forms, toggle on Stealth and sprint (Should have Stealth IO in sprint) and sets Hasten to auto cast. Also turns off combat flight. /bind numpad5 "powexec_toggleoff combat flight$$powexec_toggleon stealth$$powexec_toggleon sprint$$powexec_toggleoff white dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff bright nova$$powexec_auto hasten$$gototray 1" Drop Dwarf and Double Flare /bind numpad6 "powexec_auto solar flare$$powexec_name white dwarf flare$$powexec_toggleoff white dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff bright nova$$goto_tray 1" Drop both forms, cast Reform Essence and Conserve Energy /bind numpad7 "powexec_auto reform essence$$powexec_name conserve energy$$powexec_toggleoff white dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff bright nova$$goto_tray 1" Drop both forms and heal /bind numpad8 "powexec_auto essence boost$$powexec_name white dwarf sublimation$$powexec_toggleoff white dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff bright nova$$goto_tray 1" Drop both forms,cast Photons and Dawn Strike Auto /bind numpad9 "powexec_auto dawn strike$$powexec_name photon seekers$$powexec_toggleoff white dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff bright nova$$goto_tray 1"
  3. Thanks for posting this. I’m also working on a robotics/time MM. my goal is to run +4/8 S/L in AE. a couple changes i would make. I see no need for teleport, what do you think of whirlwind instead? With a KB to KD slot? If not then super jump would let you do zone pvp at least. You took time stop which is pretty single target. It feels like a waste unless you’re also doing pvp. /time forces you to take time crawl at lvl 1, or else I would skip that as well. The 2 AoE debuffs are plenty for most mobs. Also the single targets don’t stack on themselves so it’s kind of lame. You have blood mandate on lvl 1 bots, but I’ve seen other people slotting robots for mass procs instead of set bonuses. Or at least frankenslotting.
  4. It seems like zombies, thugs, and robotics and demons would be the top pet choices. While Poison and TA would be the top two pvp choices for secondaries. Which combination would be the strongest? Zombies get -Tohit which would be nice for 1v1 situations. Zombies/Poison gives you a self heal from the primary which helps make up for poisons lack of a self heal. I suppose the same would apply to TA since TA also lacks a self heal. Thugs get Gang War and are pretty strong. Thugs/TA leaves the MM without any self heal but might make up for it if they can slow the enemy down a bit better to synchronize with Gang War? - would Thugs/Poison have any benefit over TA that I’m not seeing? Robots have more AoE which I guess is cool for pvp content. And they are mostly ranged so they can probably hit more often in pvp. Poison feels like it would be a bad choice since it’s so single target focused and wouldn’t take advantage of robotics AoE potential. Would Robotics/TA be better for PvE where enemies are closer together? Demons have some advantages with their different damage types, but I don’t know much about them. Sorry Ninjas, Mercs and beasts, you tried.
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